How to Let Go and Move On

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let go and move on

Listen as I coach Alex, a divorced woman, who’s dating a separated man and knows she needs to let go and move on.

Have you ever been afraid to let go and move on from a relationship that isn’t working for you? Alex thought the man she was dating was special enough to wait for, but he’s not emotionally available at this time. How can she get the courage to say, “It’s over”? 

How to Let Go and Move On

Alex wrote into the show saying:

Letting go and moving on… I really thought my beau was special enough to wait for. But, with repeated behavior of not contacting me when I want contact (and he knows that is what I need) – I am trying to give him up. But, I can’t quite say the words “it’s over”, because I don’t want to lose him. He says he can’t expect me to wait, but he also thinks we have a special connection. He’s just not ready for a relationship yet, and he can’t give me what I need. 

I’ve been separated for about 11 years, divorced 5. I’ve had a few long relationships, but I’m fussy. The one I thought was great wasn’t successful, because the guy really wasn’t invested. I got my heart broken. 

My beau is going through a lot; final few months of divorce, and because of Covid, the court date keeps getting pushed back. He is still finding his feet being a single dad, and he struggles with not owning his own home. He also has moved jobs and is moving again. His work is crazy and demanding. It’s just not happening for us!

I am torn between just putting up with what I can have from him and feeling what if I wait another four months (current court date) and then it doesn’t happen. In fact, I’ve answered my own questions by writing this. I know what I should do, but I can’t. 

I coached Alex on:

  • What are the key issues in the relationship?
  • What does she love about him?
  • Why does she struggle with letting him go?
  • What are her must-haves and deal breakers?

We ended the session with homework to establish her clear must-haves and deal breakers. I also helped her script out what to say to her boyfriend. Listen in and post your comments below!

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