How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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love yourself

If you don’t love yourself, you prioritize other people’s needs and let people treat you poorly. Here’s how to love yourself unconditionally!

Do you love yourself unconditionally? Most of us let ourselves down from time to time. We accept and excuse bad behavior from others. We stay stuck in jobs, friendships, and romantic relationships when we know we should leave. Let’s talk about five ways to love yourself unconditionally, so you can live a life in alignment with your authentic self.

How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

1. Discover your core values

When you take the time to learn what you stand for and what you can’t tolerate, you’ll begin to love yourself more. One of the best ways to learn who you are is to discover your core values. Choose the top five values that define who you are, and don’t give those up for anyone. 

2. Set and keep boundaries to protect your values

Once you identify your core values, learn how to set boundaries to protect them. Boundaries are limits and guidelines based on what’s most important to you. They teach others how you want to be treated. Make sure to enforce those boundaries, which can be challenging, especially if people push back.

3. Be more compassionate towards yourself

Notice when you’re beating up on yourself with negative self talk, and speak more kindly to yourself. Turn those negative statements into more positive ones. Over time, it will feel more natural and your negative self-talk will lessen.

4. Take time to recharge

It’s important to have some alone time to recharge, so you’re not empty from always giving to others.

5. Heal your emotional wounds from the past

If you’re carrying wounds from childhood or past relationships, it will be hard to let go and live your best life. Work with a therapist or coach on healing those wounds, so you can free yourself from the past and live in the present.

Loving yourself is about knowing yourself well and protecting the values that are core to who you are. It’s about changing your negative self-talk to a kinder, more compassionate voice. And it’s about protecting your energy and healing the wounds from your past. Self-love is about living a life of wholeness, good health, peace, and empowerment. When you take better care of your needs, everyone in your life will benefit, especially your romantic relationships.

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