How to Mend a Broken Heart

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broken heart

How do you heal a broken heart? My guest, Elena Mosaner, used hypnotherapy to help people regain confidence and heal. Listen in!

Elena Mosaner is a hypnotherapist and certified professional coach and the founder of the self-hypnosis app, AlphaMind. In this episode of Last First Date Radio, Elena spoke about:

  • How to heal a broken heart
  • Why it’s important to step more fully into your feminine power
  • The qualities of a woman that make her magnetic to the right man
  • The difference between self-hypnosis and hypnosis on the stage

How to Mend a Broken Heart

How does hypnosis work?

It’s not mind control. It’s natural, and it’s a day-to-day phenomenon. It’s a transference of information. It’s focused attention. It’s a type of meditation. I work with the unconscious. We’re hypnotized in our relationships.

How are we hypnotized by our parents?

Our kids are predominantly in an alpha state, which is an imaginative state of mind. They are open. They copy things well, such as our behavior, even the things we do subconsciously. They imitate. Ask yourself how you copied things from your childhood. What is in your subconscious. Listen to a client story about a woman who doesn’t trust her man. 

How can hypnosis be used to heal a broken heart and move on from a break up?

Most people go through breakups, and it’s not a bad thing. It teaches you big life lessons. To overcome a broken heart, it’s important to look at what the relationship taught you. You have to start loving and appreciating yourself. Look to find yourself first. 

Fast forward and imagine yourself in the next chapter, where you’ve moved on and are detached from your ex. You can change your state of mind to be relaxed and in a different state of mind. Through deep relaxation and hypnosis, you can feel and experience moving on and what it will feel like. They come out of hypnosis feeling relieved. The felt state is one of love rather than fear or insecurity.  

How can hypnosis be used to restore feminine energy and power?

Many women get into their masculine energy after a breakup. It looks like a state of protection. Not being open. Stoic. Competitive. Feminine energy is flowing, at ease, warm, vulnerable, comfortable and full of love. To get back into her feminine energy, you expand through surrender. You can use visualization to get back into your feminine. What does it look like to be spontaneous, empathetic, freely expressive, to let go of trying to control. If you have some discomfort, where is it in your body or mind. What is feminine to me?

What’s your story of transformation to mend a broken heart and manifest the love you now have?

I was very focused on my education and career, and I had a lot of heartbreaks. There came a time when I surrendered the need to be married. I traveled, went back to school, and went into a state of internal peace. What helped me was a lot of personal growth with Women Within to find my inner feminine. My husband showed up. We got married six months later. 

What’s your final advice for someone who wants to go on their last first date?

Let go of any expectations, have fun, explore, express, be open, be inquisitive and fully present in the moment. Be the beautiful you.

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