How to Practice Non-Attachment in Dating

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non-attachment in dating

Practice non-attachment in dating, and you’ll stay present with the person you’re dating and enjoy the dating process so much more!

Does this sound like you: After a few dates, you find yourself falling for the man you’re dating. You haven’t felt this way in a long time…maybe ever! And you’re scared you might be falling too hard, and he won’t feel the same way. What if you get your heart broken? You’re afraid to get too attached, but you don’t want to close your heart to love, either. What do you do? What I’m about to share in this video will change your dating life forever!

How to Practice Non-Attachment in Dating

Introducing non-attachment in dating.

When we attach to relationships, we live in fear that they will end. We want a guarantee they’ll last forever. But, that’s not a reality for most of our relationships. Some people come into our lives for a reason or a season. 

And clinging to the idea that someone will never leave is usually what sabotages relationships. It does exactly what you fear the most – clinginess and neediness push people away. Non-attachment brings people closer.

That may sound like a paradox. Let me explain.

Non-attachment means you maintain a full life outside of the person you’re dating.

Your value doesn’t depend on what they think of you, because you know your worth and your life is already full. This takes the pressure off of the relationship and allows it to unfold naturally. It also gives you perspective, so you can see if the person you’re with is exhibiting red flags. It takes them off the pedestal and into equal standing.

Non-attachment is not about being indifferent or avoiding the other person.

It’s about releasing the fear of impending loss, so you can be present with this person.

Non-attachment is understanding that people and life are always shifting, so we don’t cling to an expectation that things will never change, or we can control the outcome or direction of a relationship.

When you practice non-attachment, you become present to what is happening NOW, not what might happen further down the road. Doing that helps you become lighter. You’re less fearful of speaking up and being authentically you, because you’re not attached to the idea of someone liking you only when you suppress who you are and what you need.

You can’t predict where your dating journey will lead you. That’s why being open to the experiences you gain along the way prepares you for the best relationships of your life.

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