How to Prepare for Love By Taking a Break From Dating

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If you’re in a romantic rut, it’s probably time to take a break from dating. Here’s a wonderful way to prepare for love when you’re on that break.

My radio guest, Aska Kolton, is a Dating Detox Specialist and the founder of ‘Get Ready For Love’. She works with successful single women who are tired of dating and struggling to find the right man. She helps them prepare for love by unleashing the high-quality woman within, so they stop making mistakes in love, start making more empowered romantic choices and attract a quality man.

Single for seven years, Aska went on 110 dates and struggled to find love. After going through her first dating detox program, she found her dream man. Now, she’s in a happy and healthy relationship with her amazing man and they have a little boy together.

Highlights below for episode #279: Get Ready For Love With The Dating Detox Expert, Aska Kolton.


How to Prepare for Love By Taking a Break From Dating

What is the dating detox?

It’s all about the things I did for myself to become a high value woman [and attract in an amazing man].

I focused for two years on myself and said ‘no’ to dating and men. I started to love being single. I loved my freedom.

I learned how to deepen the connection with myself. Through this work, I attracted in the love of my life.

I tap into a woman’s energy to help her effortlessly attract high quality men who are ready to commit, love, and be in a relationship.

I had so many disappointments until I came up with the dating detox. I teach my clients how to be happier in the here and now. Don’t wait for a man to come into your life to make you happy. It’s about setting up healthy firm boundaries, and recognizing your worth.


How do you find your own happiness?

It’s about making a decision that you’re not waiting, you’re living. You do whatever you can to keep your energy high. It could be about eating good food, getting exercise, or surrounding yourself with the right people. Meditation is also quite helpful. It brings you to the present instead of the future. 

Your happiness in a relationship is linked to your happiness in relationship with yourself.

When I have negative thoughts, I meditate and journal. My clients do the same. They report how peaceful they are in the moment. They are not obsessing about men. 

It’s a practice that requires discipline. But, it’s so worth it. If you’re resistant to meditation, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You could meditate by doing a mantra. Or you could count 10 to 1 over and over again. It helps you slow your mind down. 


When is the right time to end the dating detox?

It’s time to end the dating detox when you feel peaceful, happier, have more self-love, more respect, value yourself more, and have clearer boundaries. You will make better romantic decisions and will be more assertive when things don’t work. You’ll move on to another romantic adventure and attract higher quality men.

To learn more about Aska and the Dating Detox Program, click here

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