How to Spice Up Your Love Life

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spice up your sex life

Want to learn how to spice up your love life? Check out highlights from today’s radio show with Laura Corn

Laura Corn is the New York Times Bestselling author and app innovator behind 101 Nights of Great Sex. Her revolutionary approach provides couples with detailed seductions to turn up the heat in the bedroom and spice up your love life. To date, she’s released over 9 books and 1 app, helping over 4 million couples spice up their sex life with renewed passion. Say hello and grab some advice from her bag of fun and flirty tricks over at

I had so much fun interviewing Laura on Last First Date Radio. Check out the highlights of our show below.

How to Spice Up Your Love Life

When you were married you hated sex. Then you wrote a best selling book on sex. How did that happen?

When I was married, I didn’t know how to communicate about how my husband could please me during sex. I knew how to masturbate, but it was embarrassing to me. So, I didn’t communicate that to my husband. I never had orgasms, and I shut down. I would lie there and paint the ceiling all kinds of colors.

After the marriage ended, I read every book on sex and learned what my problems were. I wrote my first book on sex and how to spice up your love life after interviewing 1,000 men. In the process, I learned how to listen. The relationship I’m in now for 23 years started with teaching him how to please me. 

Marilyn Monroe was responsible for my first orgasm! She was famous for “I think he made my back feel better.” I dated a man many years ago when I was sexually dysfunctional, and he said that the quote came from how Marilyn Monroe would orgasm by rubbing her clitoris/pubic bone against a man’s back. He invited me to try that. I wasn’t comfortable doing it with him. But I did it with Jeff, my boyfriend, when I developed trust with him.

What is the number #1 sexual complaint of couples across the country?

Sex is boring and predictable.

Your book is not a book you read it’s a book you do. Can you explain?

They’re 101 erotic adventures. The pages are stuck together and there are envelopes, 50 for her, and 50 for him. Each adventure has a title. You get together and each rip out a sealed envelope. In the app, as soon as you pick an adventure, your partner gets notified that a surprise is on the way. 

You claim that it’s actually EASY to spice up your love life! What’s one way you can do about it right now?

Have a plan. There’s nothing like a plan for great sex to make you feel desired. For long term couples, great sex is about anticipation and creativity. You’re both planning it. Saturday night, my man and I are going out. I’ll leave a love note in the car. I planned New Year’s Eve, and he has no idea where we’re going. I love to see the surprise on his face. I love to see him melt. 

We need to work on being playful. Be conscious of turning off the business mode and get into your playful feminine energy. One way to help is to get the app, which comes out on January 20th, get the book and do one of the activities. We all need novelty, playfulness, and taking charge.

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How do you spice up your love life?


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