How to Stay Safe When Online Dating

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safe when online dating

We want you to stay safe when online dating. My podcast guest, Jenny Thompson, has created an easy way to do a background check. Listen!

It’s so important to stay safe when online dating. Jenny Thompson is the founder and CEO of SafetyPIN Technologies, the Internet’s first portable trust badge. With so many of us using apps to hire babysitters, rent private homes, and, of course, go on dates, SafetyPIN offers a better way to develop trust online.

In this episode:

  • Why do background checks on your dates
  • When to do a background check
  • Why dating sites should NOT do background checks
  • How to stay safe when online dating!

How to Stay Safe When Online Dating

Why did you start this business?

I hired a pet sitter named Sarah on Craig’s List to walk my dogs. When I went on vacation, I asked her to stay at my house and be my pet sitter. When I got home, I knew something was wrong. The dogs’ beds were gone! They never even slept at my house.

I knew I couldn’t trust Sarah anymore. She had blatantly lied and put the dogs at risk.…I had to fire her. But I paid her in advance to watch them for my next trip, so I asked for the $150 back.

She had a lot of excuses and concerns but finally agreed to pay me in a week when she got her next paycheck. Four days later, she and a friend developed an elaborate scheme to fake her own death. (Listen to the episode to learn what happened next).

This experience made me realize how important background checks are. And that’s how SafetyPin Technologies was born!

Do you believe online dating sites should do background checks?

No, because what if someone stole something worth 100 dollars twenty years ago, do they need a red mark on a dating site? I don’t think so. We recommend background checks based on the psychology of a person.

When should you do a background check?

To stay safe when online dating, I won’t be alone with someone if they haven’t applied for a Safety Pin and we’ve run a comprehensive check on them. At the beginning of dating, you can just meet in public for a drink or coffee, and it’s pretty safe. 

Many people think they’re being discreet with their information when dating online, but they may not be as much as they think they are. Even your first name, city, and nature of your business can be enough to identify you. Do an audit of yourself to see how hard it would be to find you.

You can sign up for Lifelock, and they’ll do an audit of where all your private information is found. They’ll remove anything incriminating for you.

On your profile, instead of posting what you do for a living, post that you work for a background check company. People will know you mean business!

How do you do a background check before you meet someone?

Get their last name, and do a reverse phone number lookup. Ask them where they’ve lived, and tell them you’re checking up on them so you can remain safe when dating online. You can use a service like,, or (if you have a license plate number). Run it to the county level to get the most accurate information. 

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