How to Stop Getting Breadcrumbed!

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getting breadcrumbed

In this video, I outline 7 signs you’re getting breadcrumbed, and two ways to stop it from continuing.

Have you ever been ‘breadcrumbed? Breadcrumbing is getting crumbs of attention from someone you’re dating…just enough to keep you hooked. How can you tell if you’re getting breadcrumbed, and how can you nip it in the bud?

Check out today’s video to learn the signs and the solutions to breadcrumbing. (And you’ll hear my personal story of getting breadcrumbed and what I did about it).

How to Stop Getting Breadcrumbed!

7 Signs You’re Getting Breadcrumbed

If any of these signs are present, chances are you’re dating a breadcrumber.

  1. He doesn’t make concrete plans
  2. His messages are inconsistent.
  3. His messages don’t really say anything special.
  4. He makes last minute plans.
  5. He doesn’t commit and evades questions about how he feels or what the relationship means to him.
  6. He comes back every time you think he’s disappeared.
  7. He is defensive or passive/aggressive when you ask what’s going on.

What to do if you’re getting breadcrumbed?

  1. If someone shows any of these signs early on; like he’s too busy to find time to date, or he’s in and out of the relationship, state your preferences right away, and if nothing changes, walk away.
  2. Stop excusing the inexcusable.

Leave the breadcrumbs and go for the whole sandwich!

Have you ever been breadcrumbed? Share your story in the comments below.

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