How to Stop Overthinking in Dating

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stop overthinking in dating

Stop overthinking in dating! It’s driving you crazy and sabotaging your love life. Follow these powerful tips to calm your brain today.

Are you prone to overthinking in dating? Would you like to learn effective ways to STOP and calm your brain down? In this video, you’ll learn 6 powerful tools to help you stop overthinking.

If you’re an overthinker, you may be sabotaging your love life (without even realizing it). I see it every day…smart, awesome women who overanalyze and overthink their way OUT of a relationship instead of in.

What does overthinking look like? Here’s an example from one of my Facebook group members:

“I lie awake analyzing my relationship, and I just want it to stop! I feel like my brain is always on overdrive. I get so down on myself when I’m powerless over my thoughts. The constant chatter in my mind sounds like, “He doesn’t care about me. He is going to figure out that I’m crazy and leave me. I don’t believe him when he tells me he misses me or is excited to see me. When is he going to get sick of me? When will he say he loves me? Maybe he doesn’t love me!” And on and on…

VIDEO: How to Stop Overthinking in Dating

HIGHLIGHTS: 6 Ways to Stop Overthinking

1. Become aware. Notice when you’re stuck in your head and your thoughts are reeling. Awareness is the first step in creating change. 

2. Name it. Tell yourself, those are just thoughts. Naming them as thoughts helps to interrupt the pattern.

3. Is it true? Ask yourself if what you’re thinking is actually true. Do you have evidence to support that he doesn’t love you or that he’ll think you’re crazy? Separate fact from fiction, and only focus on what you know to be 100% true.

4. What if it wasn’t true? If what you’re thinking wasn’t true, what would you be thinking instead? Put those thoughts into your head.

5. Adapt a mindfulness practice. Bring your awareness to the present throughout your day. When you’re present, your brain can’t overthink. There are several ways to be mindful. You can get a meditation app. Or you can create a mindfulness practice yourself by doing something three times a day for just two minutes at a time. Listen to the video to hear several examples.

6. Don’t try to stop overthinking. If you tell yourself to stop thinking about something, it will only make you focus on that thing even more. Interrupt the pattern of overthinking by doing something else, like exercising, getting involved in a creative project, or talking to a friend about a different topic. 

The next time you catch yourself overthinking in dating, practice these six steps. Before you know it, your overthinking brain will calm down. You be able to trust your brilliant intuition without second guessing yourself. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel when you’re able to do that!

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