How to Uncover Your Blind Spots in Dating

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blind spots in dating

Your blind spots in dating could be sabotaging your success in forming a healthy, loving relationship. Here’s how to uncover them!

Most of us have blinds spots in dating. These are patterns of behavior that we’re unaware of that hold us back from finding love. How we see ourselves is often different than how others see us. If you want to find love, it’s important to uncover our blind spots, but it’s hard to do this on our own. In this video, you’ll learn why we have blind spots and how to uncover them.

How to Uncover Your Blind Spots in Dating

Why do we have blind spots?

Our blind spots often originate from our relationships with our parents. We observe their relationship with each other and with us. These early childhood interactions influence how we connect with and love others. We’re also influenced by past romantic relationships that didn’t work out. This is what creates our blind spots that sabotage relationships. We can’t figure out why we struggle so much with relationships, and blind spots are often the reason. The good news is, once they’re revealed, we can work on healing.

What Are Common Blind Spots?

1. We overshare 

2. We bring our ‘representative’ to dating

3. We compare everyone to someone we used to love

4. We don’t trust easily

5. We are not vulnerable enough 

How can we find and fix our blind spots in dating?

1. Do a relationship debrief. Write down a brief history of all the key relationships in your life. And ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did they end? 
  • Do you see any patterns emerging? 
  • Did you pick similar partners over and over? 
  • Did you struggle with speaking up and setting boundaries in the relationship? 
  • Did you choose partners who were distant and try to bring them closer? 

Revealing your relationship patterns will help you begin to uncover your blind spots. 

2. Ask for feedback. Ask those who love you what they notice about your dating or relationship patterns. Take in the feedback. Look for patterns. 

3. Work with a professional coach or therapist. 

There are always things you are blind to that others are aware of, which is why they’re called “blind” spots. If you’re open to uncovering your blind spots and working on the areas that are currently holding you back, you’ll have much more success in dating. 

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