How to Use Your Intuition to Find True Love

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My podcast guest, Angela Lenhardt, used her intuition to manifest great love. Learn how to use your intuition to attract in the love you deserve.

Angela Lenhardt is a spiritual teacher and author of best-selling books, A Charmed Journey: An Inspired Guide to Personal Transformation and Trigger the Wonder Horse.

She is a sought after intuitive life consultant. Her clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and hiring managers for her intuitive insights and healing abilities. She enjoys working with individuals and organizations of all kinds around the country. Angela utilizes her intuitive gifts to provide her clients with clarity on how to successfully maneuver through obstacles and guidance on how to avoid future pitfalls that may directly impact their life.

EP 336: Angela Lenhardt on How to Use Your Intuition to Find Love

How do you define intuition?

It’s your inner wisdom. It’s also a body sensation. It’s the universal wisdom pointing you in the right direction, to your soul’s growth and personal development.

Hone in on that voice and follow it, despite not knowing what the end result will be.

How can you use your intuition to find true love?

Your intuition is always pointing you in the direction of personal development and growth. When you accept yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience and embrace all of who you are, become integrated between body, mind and spirit. That’s when you can put your best foot forward and create a divine partnership.

Soulmates tend to represent hardships, tears and chaos.

When we have total acceptance, we can find the love outside that’s a mirror of where you are. I have experienced it, and it’s amazing.

Your intuition guides you to your next area of growth, which might be a difficult relationship for you to learn from.

Can you speak about the connection between intuition and breaking up?

Tune into your body’s wisdom. I was in a relationship that was good, but not something that would last a long time. It was fun, but I knew it was short lived. I went to visit him, and it was a great weekend, but the night before I was supposed to come back to Colorado, my eyes got so heavy, I practically needed toothpicks to open. My ability to communicate was almost non-existent! I intuitively knew I was guided to pack all my belongings, because I was not going to come back again.

What are some ways to connect with your intuition?

I practice meditation twice a day. It’s important to clear the mind chatter and create space in our mind for wisdom to arrive. It’s hard to hear with all the ‘to-do’s’ in your mind.

1. Slow down to hear what your body is saying.
2. Ask for guidance. In the morning, I say, “God, show me how I can be of service today.”
3. The more you listen and honor it, the stronger it gets. It pulls you to specific situations and people.
4. Do things that feed your creativity and imagination.

When I was a little girl, I visualized the relationship I have today. My intuition guided me to a restaurant and a specific table. He walked in and asked me a question. I recognized him, even though I never met him before.

He has the same name as my ex-husband. Our mothers have the same first name. It’s almost uncanny how much we have in common.

You can use your intuition to get into or out of relationships. It’s your guiding light. If you choose to honor that intuitive wisdom, it becomes crystal clear what direction you want to go in.

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