How Your Gut Influences Your Love Life

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My guest, Jeanne Byrd, spoke about how your nutrition and your gut have a direct influence on the success of your love life.

Did you know your gut has a big influence on the success of your love life? As a Calling in “The One” Coach with an international coaching practice, Jeanne Byrd guides her clients to fall in love with themselves as the foundation for calling in the greatest love they could ever experience. She helps them remove any barriers to love and fully embrace their worth to become magnetic to their desired partner.

Having just completed her Masters of Science degree in health coaching and nutrition, Jeanne has launched her signature program, Healthy Love, which includes creating self-care practices to design the body and love life you desire so there’s no hesitation when your Beloved comes knocking at your door.

SHOW NOTES: How Your Gut Influences Your Love Life

What does your gut have to do with your love life?

The gut is the seat of our immune system. Disease begins in the gut. Our mood is also impacted by your gut. It determines how you feel. If you’re committed to calling in your beloved, but you sit on your couch every night eating Häagen-Dazs©, it dulls your senses and energy levels. You won’t get off your couch to find your beloved.

How does your past influence your prospects now for finding love?

My clients have to complete their work with their inner child so it doesn’t leak into their love life.

Be aware of who’s talking. Is it your adult resourceful self, or your scared little girl? We often embody a false identity, like, “I’m not good enough.” It’s based on our past, and it forms a false identity. Or “I’m alone” will influence your need to put up guards and believe I’ll be alone forever. We create this so people don’t get close. We try to make the unconscious conscious. Look at the past long enough to help people not have the past determine the future.

What does it mean to “live into your Intention”?

Love is all about intention. How can I create a miracle of love? Make choices and take action and live into your intention. 

We sometimes make choices that are out of alignment with our intention. Forgive yourself and live back into your intention in thought, word, and deed. 

How will your day-to-day nutrition choices keep you pumped in your search for love?

One of the most important things is to let go of genetically modified foods. Eat real foods. Avoid white flour and try to stay away from dairy. Eat your weight in fruits and vegetables. Grass fed meats and chicken. Combine that with loving yourself and your excitement for your future. 

What does Forgiveness have to do with your success in love?

Forgiveness is a verb, an action, where you are the forgiver so you can be set free and create the love you desire.

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