How Your Romantic Relationship Impacts the World

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My podcast guests, Jáchym Jerie and Natasha Koo share how your relationship impacts the world. Check it out!

Jáchym Jerie and Natasha Koo are the founders of They spoke about how our relationship impacts the world! They’ve worked with people all over the world and created The Exceptional Relationship Formula™ which takes away the guess-work and puts your relationship back on track for more intimacy, love and connection.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– Why relationships are so hard

– How we can ensure greater success in our romantic relationships

– What impact your own healing has on your relationships

– How your relationship impacts the world at large

How Your Romantic Relationship Impacts the World

What makes relationships so hard?

Jáchym: A lot of people bring old ways of relating to a relationship. They’ve learned certain coping mechanisms that don’t work in mature relationships. I became harsh when I didn’t get what I wanted. That didn’t work.

Our unconscious way of relating make it challenging to be in relationship, because the old coping mechanisms were for our younger selves. Not mature love.

Another thing is insecurity. We compromise ourselves and lose ourselves, believing we’re not good enough.

Natasha: When we first got together, I had a problem voicing how I was feeling. I didn’t know what I was feeling inside. I was disconnected from myself. 

How can we ensure greater success in our romantic relationships?

Often, people see their relationship as a projection onto their partner. If only they’d be different, the relationship would be okay. We abdicate responsibility for how the relationship is. In a dance, we adjust to each other’s rhythm. In relationship, your partner and you both play a role. Why are you allowing your partner to treat you this way? That’s where empowerment lies. Don’t try to change your partner.

When do you know it’s time to leave?

Look at yourself and your relationship honestly. I had a client who always had abusive relationships. When we don’t address it, we repeat patterns. One day she woke up and said, “What am I doing to myself?” She realized she was repeating those patterns over and over. She got out and never had another abusive relationship.

Signs it’s time to leave:

  • Find the answer for yourself about where the responsibility lies in the dysfunction of the relationship. 
  • When it’s best to leave, many people fear they’ll be lost or struggling without their partner. If you don’t leave, you’ll stay stuck in the trajectory you’re in.

What impact does your own healing have on your relationships?

You don’t have to accept a relationship where there’s blame and shame and guilt. Ask yourself, “What is the life I’d like to have?” Start adjusting from there. When you keep making it work, you are functioning on an old system. You have a choice to have an amazing relationship.

Can you share how your relationship impacts the world at large?

We see relationships as the building blocks of society. You’re brought into this world in a relationship. We can’t always see the bigger picture. If you have an argument with your spouse in the morning, it can impact the rest of your day. The opposite can be true as well. You have a loving relationship, and it inspires others to do the same. 

When you do this relationship work, you heal deep wounds. The way you show up in the world will shift. It raises awareness in ALL your relationships.

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