I Found The Perfect Man!

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Well, I didn’t really find the perfect man. I created him,¬†from a composite of all the wonderful men I’ve ever dated. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a little from Paul, add a dash of Dave, and a side helping of Charles? My perfect man would have the quirky, playful sense of humor and creativity of guy A, the intelligence and integrity of B, the curiosity and spirit of C, the adventurous soul of D, E’s good looks, and F’s romantic nature. I would have the perfect man. Or would I?

As much as you and I might want to find perfection in a loving partner, we are obviously only human—fabulous and…flawed.

If we cannot be perfect ourselves, wouldn’t we want our significant other to love us for our whole package? We should give the same courtesy to our¬†romantic partner.

So, while the fantasy of the perfect composite guy is fun to imagine, it can also be dangerous.

Who Is The Perfect Man?

Look for the key components in a mate that you can’t live without, the parts that come from his heart and soul.

Know which of the other stuff is just stuff, the icing on the cake, but not the core necessities.

When you become more accepting of a man’s flaws, you’ll attract a man who loves you for yours.

After all, isn’t that true perfection?



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