Identifying a Liar (and attracting truth tellers) in Dating

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As a dating coach, I get a lot of questions about how to identify a liar. Some liars are easy to identify. Especially when they are not so skilled at lying. Their fake stories contradict, their online profile has data that doesn’t line up. But others are more difficult to identify. Many liars are quite charming, and women (and men) can be sucked in and dissuaded by their charisma. How do you identify a skilled liar and save yourself from heartache in a relationship?

I came across this excellent TED talk by Pamela Meyer about lie-spotting. She shares so much great information about spotting a liar, including a clip from Clinton’s famous, “I did NOT have sexual relations with THAT woman” speech. Clinton is a great example of a quintessential charmer who lied almost seamlessly, but not to an expert’s eye.

Now you can learn the skills in this video and apply them to dating. Let me know your thoughts below.



  1. Sandy what a great post, awesome video and I can’t wait to read her book. i love the part that she says that some of the time we accept being lied to. Thanks! Mindy

  2. Hey Mindy,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you found it as compelling as I did. And yes, accepting being lied to is a fascinating phenomenon. We humans are interesting creatures, no?

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