The Importance of Speaking Up

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 Are you at a loss for words when it comes to expressing yourself—especially when it feels vulnerable or scary? In this video, I share an example of the power of speaking up with a story from my past.

What conversation are you avoiding? Maybe you’re afraid of speaking up to ask your boyfriend if he’s shut down his online profile (because you’re already sleeping together). Or you KNOW you deserve a raise, but your boss hasn’t given you a promotion in over a year. It’s scary to ask for what you want, to speak up and stand up for something that’s important to you. In this video, I speak about the importance of having your voice heard. And I share a vulnerable story about how I finally learned to SPEAK UP to someone from my past and get the closure I needed. 

The Importance of Speaking Up


Do you have trouble speaking up?

If you avoid speaking up when your feelings are hurt—when you feel strongly about something, when you’re not sure where you stand with a boyfriend or friend…whatever it is, it’s critical that you find your voice and SPEAK UP!

This is why I do what I do, because I KNOW full well what it feels like to stay quiet, to not ask, to not speak up. And, I made myself a promise many years ago that I didn’t want to see women repeat MY mistake.

Because while speaking up might be hard at first, not knowing what could have happened if you actually did speak up is even harder (and it’s usually so much better than you imagined)!


I want to invite you to reach out to me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with speaking up at work, with a family member, with your neighbor or in a relationship — I WILL SUPPORT YOU to not only find your courage, but to also find just the right words — without getting angry or yelling.

I invite you to go to this link for more information about my Speak Up Sessions, where we will spend an hour working together. Or email me at, and let’s talk about bringing your truth to the surface. It’s time. 

Learn more and book your SPEAK UP SESSION today!


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