Important Ways to Increase Your Core Confidence as a Woman of Value

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Are you seeking amazing, passionate, blissfully happy, lasting love? It all begins with core confidence and knowing your true worth. Here’s how!

My radio guest, international bestselling author Ava Miles calls herself a divine rockstar—something she believes everyone is deep down. She’s on a mission to help women increase their core confidence. Ava spent many years traveling the world and sharing her gifts with women and men in war-torn countries, helping them rebuild and reintegrate their communities amidst intense struggle. She has managed multi-million-dollar projects and multi-national teams of people in the private sector, in non-profits and in domestic and international agencies as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations.

Now, she brings that experience together with her passion for sparking joy and personal success in people’s lives, launching an all-new series of life-fulfillment books called “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman.” With seven books in total, “The Goddess Guides” invite us all to reimagine what it means to be a modern woman with core confidence—on our own terms. Join Ava in letting the brilliance of your true goddess nature—and that of all the girls and women in your life—shine through. 

Below, you can find highlights of episode #284: The Goddess Guide to Being a Woman with Author Ava Miles.


How to Increase Your Core Confidence as a Woman of Value


What does Goddess mean to you?

We know that we’re more than just a human body. We are divine peace, eternal knowledge, joy and love. Be yourself, be honest, and ask yourself what makes you happy. What gives you core confidence? What types of people make you feel good?

That’s how you become a Goddess. 


You talk about this being a time of revolution for the modern woman. What do you mean by that?

We see it everywhere. Now everyone wants to be Wonder Woman. She’s sexy and a Goddess. Little girls are imagining being able to fulfill their own destiny. In the same arc, we see the #metoo movement. Do I need to trade on my dreams as an actress/woman? We’re not going to take that anymore. We’re raising our standards. It’s a revolution. The conceptions of what it means to be sexy are changing. We need to decide what it means to shine brightly by being true to ourselves.


How do people tap into their truth and core confidence when they’ve been distanced from themselves for so long?

I used to be a conformist. It’s really about looking back at what your story has been. Put your Goddess glasses on. Instead of beating yourself up for past mistakes, you can say, “I was looking for love, and this is where I compromised for myself.” We need to delete our core limiting beliefs. Stop looking for others to validate you to be okay.

You reset yourself back to your inner wisdom and begin to recognize your wise inner voice.

If we’ve been letting the ego and saboteur run our lives, we get coated in that. Awareness is the first step. Then comes action and expression. 

Exercise to release the saboteur:

Anywhere I have fear or shame, I’m just going to release it. Then I take a deep breath. Shift from victim language to goddess language. Instead of saying, “he did that to me”, say, “I feel this”.


What are some of the unhelpful roles and labels women carry that you invite them to now replace with the label of “Goddess woman”?

Some of the labels are: stressed out mommy, unappreciated (does everything for everyone and not appreciated), gold diggers, mean girls. Find the ones that trigger you and separate you from other women.

Don’t dim down your joy to make someone feel better.

Allow people’s choices and free will. If a man doesn’t want to text back or love you back, choose not to engage with that. Bless it and part ways.

If you want to claim your power, you need to take ownership for it and make decisions to change your life. You’re a freakin’ Goddess Woman. Rock it!

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