Impostor Syndrome in Your Intimate Relationships

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imposter syndrome

My podcast guest, Tracy Crossley, talks about imposter syndrome in our romantic relationships. Learn how to reveal your authentic self on dates!

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert, Author and Podcast Host, who specializes in treating individuals with unhealthy LIFE and relationship patterns. Tracy helps clients transform, impostor syndrome, insecure attachment, negative belief systems, breaking the cycle of narcissistic damage, destructive self-talk, and more. With a background in psychology, an innate emotional intuition, which draws from her own personal experience

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is impostor syndrome?
  • How we know we’re experiencing it
  • How to overcome or manage it
  • How to remove the mask of perfection on dates

Impostor Syndrome in Your Intimate Relationships

How would you describe impostor syndrome?

It’s a facade you create to appear a certain way, in order to be liked. But, you can’t get close to someone if you’re showing up this way.

How do we know if we are experiencing it?

If you’re anxious and in your head a lot, you’re not able to listen to your intuition. You want to be accepted. It can lead to autoimmune disorders that they can’t diagnose. It affects your cardiovascular system.

Is it more common in women?

Women are more vocal in getting help. Men may be more apt to push it aside. I’ve seen men and women who have imposter syndrome. It’s about expectations they can’t live up to.

How do you overcome (or manage) impostor syndrome?

Speaking your truth is where it starts. It’s not about criticizing someone. It’s about what’s true for you. Pay attention to what you’re sharing about yourself from an emotional place. Simple truths. If you’re feeling anxious, say it. It’s not their responsibility to fix it. Start with something small. 

Emotions are a somatic experience. Get into your body and out of your head. You have feelings that are reactions to stories in your head. It’s okay. You can speak from that place, and say, “This is how I feel, and it’s my story”. You can also speak from your core beliefs and say what’s true for you. Tell someone you like them, instead of waiting for it to be safe.

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Check in with yourself on dates. Get into your body and out of your head. Ask yourself what you’re feeling on a date. Are you being real? If you’re not really into it, don’t put on an act. Be honest. You’ll enjoy dating more, and you’ll learn more from each date. 

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