Improve Your Dating Radar and Identify Toxic People Early On

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toxic people

If you’ve ever dated toxic people, my co-host Rhoberta Shaler and I created a video just for you.

As a dating coach, it’s my mission to keep you away from toxic people, to keep you safe and sane as you navigate the often confusing world of dating after 40. Controlling people, which Dr. Shaler calls ‘Hijackals’, put on a good show to win your heart, and it’s easy to fall under their intoxicating spell. Notice that the word ‘intoxicating’ contains the root word ‘toxic’? I just realized that as I was typing. Hmmm. That should tell you a lot about who NOT to date, right?


Improve Your Dating Radar and Identify Toxic People Early On

In this video, we describe the behaviors of the people you should avoid dating at all costs.

  • How can you recognize toxic people early on so you don’t get hurt?

  • What are the consistent traits of controlling or toxic people?

  • How can you avoid being ‘hijackal bait’, a brilliant term Rhoberta coined?

  • And how can you strengthen yourself so you don’t fall prey to toxic people?

Please pay attention to the excellent tips we share in the video, so you can walk away from toxic and walk towards healthy people who are available for a relationship.

Have you ever dated toxic people? If so, how did you improve your dating radar? Please share in the comments below.



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