Improving Your Body Image and Confidence

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Want to improve your confidence and body image? Listen to this fun and engaging episode with Rebekah Buege to feel good in your body!

Rebekah Buege supports women’s empowerment through body image healing. Starting her career in B2B software sales, Rebekah is the creator of Confidently She, a podcast, community and premium subscription platform bringing a practical guide to modern femininity. She offers private coaching to high end clientele with a focus on body confidence and self-trust, and feminine energy.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What causes body image issues in high performing women
  • How can women feel good in their skin wearing anything (or nothing at all)
  • How can we disarm body image triggers from childhood?
  • How can we give compliments without hurting someone’s body image?

EP 495: Rebekah Buege – Improving Your Body Image and Confidence

What causes body image issues in high performing women?

I suffered from a lot of body image issues. We believe we don’t fit into the beauty standard, and we want to fix it. The other side of the coin is I fit into the beauty standard but not all of them. So, I will try to change to be a little bit closer until I get to perfection. Ambitious driven women can become so focused on their body and small imperfections and the mental energy going towards what your body looks like.

How can women feel good in their skin wearing anything (or nothing at all)?

A big part of femininity and beauty is the ability to be present with a man. If you’re preoccupied with what you can’t eat or how you look, you’re not being present. When you’re distracted, you don’t have grounded presence. When you’re not comfortable being fully yourself, no one is comfortable being fully themselves. Wouldn’t you rather be fully accepted for being yourself than accepted for being something you’re not. It’s hard to keep it up.

Confidence comes from your value and worth not being grounded in the way you look or being accepted and validated for how you look. Ask yourself why you think it’s important to be accepted for how you look. Usually there’s a memory from childhood that has us link our looks with rejection. 

Focus on how you want to express yourself in this moment. What’s going to feel most genuine to you. It’s a balance of comfort and something interesting. See what happens. Have a playful and experimental attitude. 

How can we disarm body image triggers from childhood?

Eating patterns and food stories are imprinted from our past. So is telling someone they’re too thin or too heavy. Both are body shaming. To disarm the triggers, know that your parents were doing their best. Not everyone is equipped to handle things in the best way. What if what our parents did wasn’t the right thing. If I was the parent, what did I need to hear? 

You can find different truths about your past memories, and reinforce them now. How do you want to talk to yourself moving forward? Be patient with yourself and your body.

How can we give compliments without hurting someone’s body image?

Compliment them on their social virtues and character traits and the way they make you feel, not on their bodies. 

What’s your best advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

You’re not in control of when it’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen. Finding the fun and experience in the process will help you along the way to enjoy yourself. 

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