Increase Self-Love to Find Your Best Match

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increase self-love

Increase self-love if you want to attract in true love. Listen to Yvette Bodden’s journey to finding her partner after an unhealthy marriage.

Yvette Bodden is an author and the Founder of Awakened-Woman. She’s a writer for Belatina News and Thrive Global. Awakened Woman is about inspiring, empowering and encouraging women to live their best lives. Once we do, we increase our chances to find our best match in love.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How divorce led Yvette to founding Awakened Woman
  • What ‘date yourself first’ means
  • The best way to approach dating
  • The first step to increase self-love
  • The true key to finding lasting love

Increase Self-Love to Find Your Best Match

What was the catalyst that led to you founding Awakened Woman?

It was my divorce. Being a mother/wife/caretaker/nurturer, I got lost in my roles. I started having anxiety. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what I enjoyed on my own. It was scary, but my divorce forced me to figure out who I was.

I had felt alone on my journey to find myself. I started writing, because I wasn’t speaking to anyone. One night, I found myself writing and realized other women needed to hear my story. That’s how I wrote my book. I began contributing to Thrive Global. Women could relate to my awakening. That’s how Awakened Woman came about, when I began integrating the stories of other women. 

You say women should ‘date yourself before you date others’. What do you mean by that?

One of the things I did when I started my journey was to have dates with myself. I tried things I’d never done before, and I did them alone. I went to the movies, restaurants, gun range, pole dancing, aerial silks class, and more. I did the opposite of what the old Yvette did. This was how I figured out who I was on my own. I’m in a relationship now, and I still have my alone dates. He’s respectful of my ‘me time’. 

You say, “You are enough. You don’t need a man.” Please clarify what you mean by that.

‘You don’t need a man’ to me is that you’re okay without a relationship. You don’t need the validation of a man to survive. I’m enough on my own, but I do enjoy the company of my partner. He complements me. He’s one of my biggest cheerleaders. If we broke up, I’d be upset, but I’d be okay. 

Can you share some tips for increasing self-love?

One of the most important things is being truthful to yourself and others. It can be scary to tell yourself and others the hard truth. I never felt I was enough, and I needed to figure out why I felt that way. I had to dig deep to find out the truth. I went back to childhood and saw that I had a belief that if I wasn’t perfect, I didn’t deserve anything good. I learned to be kind to myself.  

What’s your final word of advice for women who want to go on their last first date?

Knowing who you are is the key to finding love. Fall in love with yourself first, and that right person will see you.

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