Intuition on a Date

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Have you ever had a gut feeling about a guy? It could start with his online dating profile photo. Something as simple as the look in his eyes could send a signal that this guy seems arrogant, or conversely, that he looks warm and loving. A few words in his profile essay could set off a little alarm: he’s too rigid, he’s illiterate, he’s too focused on sex. Maybe you’ve met in person, and he is exceedingly sweaty or shifty-eyed. What is your intuition telling you? And more importantly, are you paying attention to those signals or pushing them aside?

I would consider myself a strongly intuitive person. I have a very keen sense of something being ‘off’ or ‘on’. It’s one of the reasons I think I am a good life coach. I can sense when someone’s words don’t match what’s going on underneath. But I have also been known to ignore my own intuition, and I’ve made some very bad decisions because of it.

Why did I ignore my intuition in the past? In addition to my deep intuitive sense,  I also have a very strong sense of logic and practicality, which at times can overrule my intuition. I have since learned to tune up my intuition when it comes to big decisions and pay attention to those hunches. That gut feeling I have in the pit of my stomach? It’s usually the smartest part of me!

So next time you get a feeling that someone you meet either online or in person is ‘not right’, pay closer attention. Ask yourself what feels uncomfortable.

One of the wisest pieces of advice I heard in regard to dating came from my nephew’s wife. She said that she almost married another man, and her grandmother said, “How do you feel when you’re with him.” Simple? Yes. Brilliant? I think so. Are you comfortable? Are you yourself? Are you a more enhanced version of yourself? Does he want the best for you? Pay attention to those signs, and you will probably choose an amazing guy.

How’s your intuition? Next time you’re on a date, take it with you, tune it up, and let me know what happens.


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