Is He Ready for a Relationship?

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ready for a relationship

If you’ve ever wondered if a man was ready for a relationship, but you weren’t sure what to say, this video is for you.

How do you know if a man is really ready for a relationship? In this video, you’ll hear a story about someone who wanted to take the relationship further but was afraid to ask. It can be so empowering to speak up and ask for what you want. Here’s what happened…

Watch the video: Is He Ready for a Relationship?

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What to do if you’re ready for a relationship, and you’re not sure if he is
  • What to say if you want to know if you’re on the same page
  • The opportunities you might be missing if you don’t speak up

I’m a proponent for speaking up and communicating your feelings and needs, especially when you’re dating. There are so many misunderstandings, and those could be avoided by knowing what your must-haves are, and taking emotional risks by speaking up.

Just imagine how much less time we’d waste in relationships that don’t go anywhere. What about the time spent thinking that our love interest would never want us…so we never found out.

I want you to go on your last first date. Courageous conversations are one of the keys to lasting love!

Have you ever waited too long to find out if he was on the same page as you? Did it lead to unnecessary heartbreak or clarity about the relationship? Please comment below.

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