Jimmy Fallon’s Embarrassing Dating Mistake

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dating mistakesNicole Kidman made her first appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, where she revealed a very funny – and embarrassing – “first date” story. Jimmy had no idea that many years ago, when they were both single, Nicole had a crush on him. Their mutual friend, Rick, tried to set them up, and Jimmy was quite clueless. In fact, he was so un-flirty during her visit to his apartment, she assumed he might be gay! Watch the video, and then let’s discuss how to avoid this very common and embarrassing dating mistake.

How to avoid this dating mistake

Has this ever happened to you? Back in high school I once found out that a boy I had a major crush on secretly crushed on me, too. We both had not idea at the time and missed an opportunity to date. By the time we learned of each other’s interest, we had both moved on. Kind of like Nicole and Jimmy.

Even at this age, when dating after 40, 50, and beyond, people make the same type of dating mistake when they’re not clear about their intentions.

So next time you meet someone you’re interested in, let them know that you’d like to go on a date to get to know them better. At the end of a first date, let him/her know that you had a good time and would like to get together again. Say it out loud. Mind reading really doesn’t work.

We’re grownups now, and one of the advantages is that most of us are more comfortable speaking our mind. No more guessing games in dating. Say what you feel and avoid the embarrassing dating mistakes of your youth.

Have you ever totally missed the cues that someone was interested in you? Please share your experience.

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