Keep Your Brain Sharp For a Better Love Life

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The size of your brain matters! My podcast guests, Dave and Susan Kenney, share how keeping your brain sharp can help you have a better love life!

My podcasts guests, Dave and Susan Kenney, spoke about the importance of keeping your brain sharp for a better love life. Dave Kenney is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at Emergo Recovery, along with Susan Kenney, who is the Co-Founder and Director of Therapeutic Wellness at Emergo Recovery. Emergo Recovery is a private, residential recovery and wellness center focused on a brain-first approach. With over thirty years of experience in human development, Dave pioneered Actualized Recovery®, an integrative brain-first approach to lasting recovery. Susan has dedicated her extensive career to helping individuals reclaim their life after struggles with debilitating challenges. Together, and along with the team at Emergo, they empower clients toward greater wellbeing and happiness.

Check out highlights below for EP 374: 5 Ways to Keep your Brain Sharp and Your Love Life Strong.

Keep Your Brain Sharp For a Better Love Life

What is a brain-first approach?

Susan: We begin our program by looking at the brain itself. People are struggling with debilitating mental challenges, why not look at the brain first? We have technology that uses EEG sensors to map what’s going on in the brain.

Dave: We all know the brain drives behavior. You don’t need technology to see this. Someone who has substance abuse issues has a brain in a dysfunctional state. When our brain is in a calmer state, we can create intimacy.

Will a brain-first approach and life-style enhance your love life?

Susan: From a neuroscience point of view, when we understand parts of the brain that are over-active or under-active, it’s hard to get through the day. Our health is so important. Are you taking care of your brain and body? Then you’ll have extra energy to share in your love life.

Dave: Gratitude is very powerful. Write five things you’re grateful for and why. We also use Ziva meditation. It is very helpful. Also, our brains love oxygen. Movement is important. Could be as simple as going for a walk to increase oxygen.

Want better sex? Get a bigger brain!

Susan: With a high-functioning brain, you have emotional intelligence, understanding emotions in yourself and others, which leads to great sex.

Dave: If we live a brain healthy lifestyle, you can increase brain size. Our connections with others are better, we have deeper connections, less toxins, and we have greater stamina and better working organs (wink, wink).

An enriched environment grows your brain. Nutrition has a significant impact on brain growth. We follow the Paleo diet. It’s 75% vegetables, good fats, and a moderate serving of organic protein.

The brain also needs about four hours of time before sleep to process and clear out toxins. So, eat at the right times. Get blue light glasses to wear at night so you can fall asleep and create melatonin. Treat the last hour at night as sacred to prepare for sleep. If couples turn off technology and the house is quiet, there’s a much greater chance for intimacy.

What does Positive Psychology teach us about happiness and relationships?

It’s the focus of what we use in our program. It’s the science of happiness. The biggest way to determine happiness is our deep meaningful relationships.

How do we increase happiness? Ask for what you want. Be vulnerable, even though it’s scary. The first person you connect with is yourself. Travis Bradbury has a book Emotional Intelligence 2.0. You can take a quiz in the book to test your Emotional Intelligence. You’ll understand who you are, and then you’ll take that awareness into a relationship.

Final words on how to have a better love life?

Love comes when you’re both ready for it and when you do the inner work to know yourself first. Look for a coach to help you go from where you are today to where you want to be.

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