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"This show provides great advice that actually

can lead to your next first date being your last first date!" 

*Five Star Reviews*


-podcast fan-

Sandy is the best!

Sandy’s exquisite listening skills, gentle and encouraging coaching, and profound wisdom, are unmatched among dating podcasts. She is open to collaborating with many from different thought traditions with humility, and grace.

Orit Krug

-dance therapist-

Don't miss this one!

Amazing podcast that will inspire you to create the love life you desire and deserve! Sandy is great at asking the right questions that take us deeper. Sharing her personal experiences creates a powerful connection with her, too.


-podcast fan-

Great interviews!

Sandy is a warm, knowledgable host with a calm and welcoming presence. She covers so many aspects of personal development relevant to how we show up in our dating lives and relationships. I appreciate the balance of approaches she presents through her guests.

Rose Beach

-podcast fan-

Let go and let love in!

Great insights...very empowering message to believe in your truth, have courage to act and live in that truth. Wish I had this podcast when I was dating in my 20s. Bottom line, when you let go and love yourself, you will find what you're looking for!

M Lopez

-podcast fan-

Life changing!

I absolutely love this podcast! I recently went through a breakup, and by listening to this podcast every day, I regained the love for myself that I managed to lose when revolving around my ex. 

This podcast is the best thing any woman can listen to for personal growth.


-podcast fan-

Love it! Full of insight on modern dating!

I'm a man, and while this show is primarily aimed at women, most of the advice is really applicable to both sexes. Also, the chance to hear really wise, insightful women talking about dating from a woman's perspective is worth its weight in gold!


-podcast guest-

The real deal

Sandy is one of the love coaches whose wisdom and expertise I value most. She has a balanced, refreshing perspective on helping people create healthy relationships with solid boundaries and the ability to effectively get your needs met. This podcast is a gold mine of resources to support you on your love journey!


-podcast fan-

The most insightful dating pod!

This is hands down the best info, best guests and most well rounded pod on dating that I've found. I wish I'd stumbled upon it sooner!

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