Latest Dating Trends From the Head of PR at OKCupid

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What are the dating trends in 2022? Hear from Michael Kaye, head of PR at OKCupid, who has first-hand knowledge of what’s new in dating.

If you want to know the latest dating trends, listen to Michael Kaye, the head of public relations at OkCupid. He has become a leading voice on dating and relationships. He also teaches at New York University and volunteers with the Human Rights Campaign.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How OkCupid is different from other dating apps
  • Dating changes since the pandemic
  • The latest dating trends on OkCupid
  • What is cuffing season and when does it begin?
  • Some tips for creating a great dating app profile

EP 525: Latest Dating Trends From the Head of PR at OKCupid

How is OkCupid different from other dating apps?

Unlike many of the other apps, this is the only one that matches what’s important to you with the questions we ask. 

What are some dating changes you’ve seen since the pandemic?

Communication continues to be on the top of the list of what people are looking for. Most people consider themselves to be great and clear communicators. They receive 40% more likes and communication on the app. 

People are being more straightforward about what they want and need after the pandemic.

What are the latest dating trends you’re seeing on OkCupid?

Politics is not a taboo topic anymore. Almost ten million people on OkCupid said they liked talking about politics. More than ½ of daters prefer their partner has the same political view as theirs, 

Sober dating is popular now. It’s been around for years, usually at the beginning of every year.

In the summer months, people are more interested in healthier date ideas like hikes, walks in the park, or exercising together in some way.

What is cuffing season and when does it begin?

It’s that moment towards the end of summer where people are tired of dating around and thinking ahead of the holidays and colder weather. They want someone special for those moments. Sunday November 6 is going to see a big spike in online dating.

What are some tips for creating a great dating app profile?

  1. Don’t lean on yourself alone. Ask friends for help. 
  2. Be positive. The biggest turnoff is “swipe left if…” Focus on deal makers.
  3. Use different types of photos. You on a vacation, a run, or a concert. Helps people see you in different parts of your life. It’s also a good icebreaker.
  4. Think about your checklist. Don’t be too specific. Break it into must haves and nice to haves/negotiables. 

Go to the iCupid dashboard to learn more insider tips. One is to change or add a photo every few months. That helps you be seen.

What’s your best advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

People complain about not getting to first dates after texting. Most people don’t say anything. Recommend something to do. My go to line was “this app is killing by battery. Here’s my number. We can schedule a date there.” On the date, look for what’s working, not just what’s not working.

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