Lessons Learned From a Shampoo Bottle

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While showering early this morning, I read the tag line on my Pantene Pro-V shampoo bottle: “KNOW the hair you have to get the hair you WANT”. I immediately thought, “Now, that’s a great topic for a blog post!” With a little twist of course. KNOW the person you are to have the relationship you WANT.

In order to be truly open to the relationship that will work well for you, I believe it is essential to know yourself. Be really honest about all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly.

First, think about all your wonderful positive character traits, gifts, and talents. What do your friends and family members say about you? Write it all down. Some people find it uncomfortable to list their good qualities. They have been trained to be humble and not brag. What I am requesting of you is not a narcissistic act, but an act of self-love. It is an essential first step in acknowledging your whole self.

Second, think about some of the things you’re working on in yourself. What are the areas in which you feel you still need to grow? What have you been resisting? What triggers you? Make a list.

Third, take a look at both lists. Which one is longer? Is there anything on either list that you want to revise? Do it now. Keep this list handy and add to it over time.

Now it’s time to think about what kind of person would best suit you. Think about the common goals you’d like to share, in addition to the complementary traits that would work best with your personality. Write these down. This will be your ‘soul mate’ profile.

This last list, the ‘soul mate’ profile, should be a living document. It will change a bit over time as you get to know what you need. Every date you have should be a learning experience, bringing you closer to what works and what doesn’t work for you. Keep the list handy and add or subtract after each date.

Remember that you can learn from anything in life, even a shampoo bottle. How you choose to integrate those lessons is up to you…



  1. Great points Sandy! Goes to show we never know where inspiration will come from for love, life, and blog posts!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I always keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration. Seems like you’re the kind of person who does the same. Here’s to inspiration and love!

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