Powerful Exercises for How to Finally Let Go of Past Pain

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I coached a woman on this episode of Last First Date Radio. Listen as I help her learn how to let go of past pain from toxic relationships.

I coached live on the air for the first time on this episode of Last First Date Radio. I spoke with Jas from Dubai, a member of my private Facebook group, Your Last First Date, who wanted to know how to let go of past pain, of the hurt caused by toxic men in her life. 

Here’s what she asked: “I feel one of my love blocks is not being able to completely let go of the hurt caused by toxic men in the past. Every time I feel I am doing inner work and moving on, something triggers me and feelings of anger and resentment arise. How can I overcome this?”

Find out in episode #271: How to Let Go of Past Pain From Toxic Relationships.

How to Let Go of Past Pain

When you’ve been in a toxic relationship (or two or three), it can be really hard to trust again. It’s common to shut our hearts down to love, because we don’t want to get hurt again.

In this episode, Jas discloses that pain from past relationships can be triggered unexpectedly, and it can linger and feel awful.

I tell her there is usually a connection between our families of origin and the toxic partners we choose. Jas reveals that her father is a narcissist, and she hates seeing her mother be abused. This triggers a painful response in her. I coach her on the importance of doing the inner work to heal the pain from the love she didn’t receive from her father. Until this healing takes place, we unconsciously attract partners who remind us of those toxic family members, with the hope of somehow fixing the partner to be able to love us. This just leads to heartache.

We can’t have a healthy relationship with those men, no matter how hard we try. We need to love ourselves more so we develop zero tolerance for toxic men.

I helped Jas get clarity about her must-haves and deal breakers, the types of men she will let in or keep out in the future.

And I shared two powerful coaching exercises that you can use to help you let go of toxic relationships or anything painful in your life.

Thanks, Jas, for opening up and being willing to be vulnerable on the show today. You were awesome!

Please leave a comment and let me know your biggest takeaways from the show. 

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Listen to the episode below.

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