Long Arousal, Arousal Arcs, and Erotic Energy

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erotic energy

How do we increase our erotic energy? What are long arousal and arousal arcs? All this and more on this episode of Last First Date Radio.

Want to know how to increase your erotic energy? My podcast guest, Pamela Madsen, is the founder of Back to the Body, and she brings a unique blend of intelligence, humor, and vulnerability to her advocacy for integrated sexuality and female pleasure. With a Master’s Degree in Education and certification as a Somatic Sex Educator, Pamela has been a mediagenic voice in her field for over thirteen years (and yes, she’s been on Oprah!).

In this episode:

  • What is long arousal and how does it differ from orgasm? 
  • What are arousal arcs? 
  • What can long arousal teach us about pleasure beyond penetration? 
  • What is the sexological bodywork movement? 
  • What can be expected at a sexological bodywork retreat
  • What can sexological bodywork teach us about women’s sexuality and arousal?

EP 612: Pamela Madsen – Long Arousal, Arousal Arcs, and Erotic Energy

What is long arousal and how does it differ from orgasm? 

Long arousal is something many women and men don’t ever experience. Most people would spend between 10-30 minutes having sex. Women operate on a patriarchal model of sexuality; he gets hard, she gets wet, and they have sex. She is ready to receive him. If she’s lucky, her partner stimulates her to orgasm in some way outside of intercourse. Women are pushed into a short sex model that’s not aligned with her body. Her arousal peaks up and down and can last for hours without climaxing.

What are arousal arcs? 

It’s about getting people close to arousal and then down many times. It’s expanding arousal. Arousal starts before you get into the bedroom. When you’re more embodied, you can notice arousal in many ways. Arousal can begin with a dating connection when there’s interest and attraction.

What can long arousal teach us about pleasure beyond penetration? 

It teaches us how to be present and focused on our pleasure, not performance.

What is the sexological bodywork movement and what happens at your retreats? 

Somatic sex therapy and sexological bodywork are wellness practices for sexual health. In my retreats, we work on massage tables. Practitioners keep their clothes on. The person on the table is as undressed as they want to be. We use breath, sound, movement and touch. I practice this in an immersion setting. It’s hard to do this in a one-off session. You need time and support. The practitioners wear gloves when touching genitals. They help people understand shame and desire. It helps people have genetal self esteem and release shame. They learn how to ask for what they want.

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Every partner is different. Communicate with your partner. Ask if they like touch: faster, slower, or just like that. Let your partner know when they’re doing a great job. Give affirmation when they get it right. You’re never too old to explore your body and get to know your pleasure. Give yourself time to explore your own body. You’ll discover so many new universes.

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