Love is the Power: How to Move from Fear to Love

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Former Beach Boys musician, Robert O. Williams, shares how his near-death experience led to understanding that love is the power that heals.

Love Is the Power author, Robert O. Williams, is the inventor of Quantum Code Technology™. Robert’s research provided scientific breakthroughs in field-based technologies and consciousness. Robert is a musician and educator. He taught music, recorded and performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Paul Horn, and Charles Lloyd. After a near-death experience in 1979, Robert devoted all of his time and energy towards researching consciousness and subtle energy, along with conventional physics and medicine. Robert co-developed the ONE08 Heart+ APP that can lower stress up to 30.2%. Love Is the Power describes in raw detail his life journey.

Check out highlights below for my interview with Robert O. Williams, Episode #275: Love Is the Power: How to Move from Fear to Love.

Love is the Power: How to Move from Fear to Love

Can you share a little about your childhood, and how you saw the world so differently from your peers?

In my childhood, the physical world was only one part of reality. I was able to see other worldly things. In our garden, we had nature spirits and spinning beings. When I was four or five, one nature spirit was consistently communicating with me. His name was Jing. 

When I was 12, Jing left me. It created a vacancy in my life. I wanted lightness, and I found it in music. While I was playing saxophone or playing music on the radio or stereo, I felt the lightness of being that I had experienced with Jing.

Some of us think reality is limited by what we see and hear and feel. It’s only a small drop of reality. As we evolve, we see more and more. 

Who has been a big influence in your life and why?

One of my mentors was the philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, who founded the Waldorf school systems. He was clairvoyant. He said if any family is having trouble and suffering greatly, it’s because we’re not singing, dancing, or storytelling enough. That quality of joyfulness is activated when we’re in our more creative mode of consciousness. 

My wife and I stop everything and dance and sing every week, and afterwards we always feel better. It’s magical. The mind wants to figure everything out. In terms of opening our hearts and unleashing the love that we are, it’s the surrendering of the mental contraction around life. It’s impossible for the mind to totally understand love. 

What are your thoughts on the meaning of ‘love is the power’?

The subject of love has been one of the most pondered in humanity. The word ‘love’ can be used in all different variations of life. I have a 12-year-old daughter who loves a boy at school. No dating or kissing. But, she loves him. If I say, “Honey, this isn’t real love…”, that’s wrong. It IS love for her.

It begins with the intuition that we’re born with. There is something inside of us that needs to come out, and we can’t get a hold of it. We become fascinating with the feeling of freedom that love signifies. We search. How can we get more love in our life? Then, I’ll be more loved.

Paradoxically, love needs no effort to be realized. When we accept our own emotions, thoughts, and wounds, healing ourselves and refining ourselves…there is no effort, and there is a complete surrendering into who we are.

To reverse the system of goal-oriented love (if I only had this, I’d be happy, or if I didn’t have this, I’d be happy), there’s a place where we let go and unveil what we’re running away from and what we’re moving towards.

If we continue to allow all the emotions in the moment without resisting, what shows up is love. It is experienced as our own being-ness. It fills the void of loneliness.

Love is a state of consciousness. The paradoxes begin to resolve. Not intellectually. We realize that we are love. We go back into life and see the polarities of me vs. you, and we have that lightbulb always on. The first thing that happens is difficult to practice at first, but we begin to live this way.

Nothing seems different at first. Over time, things do change. In my case, love healed my body after my near-death experience. Our most powerful energy is who we are and always have been and where we will go. 

I became more of a musician, a poet, and all the things I enjoyed doing. I still don’t know things, but the joy is invincible.

We are moving into the age of the heart. Humans have had to experience the compartmentalization of the lower chakra: me vs. you. Those were necessary developmental phases for humans, and then nature moves on. Certain humans were given insights into the heart, loving people unconditionally. 

When we accept where we are, it’s love. If we have the patience, we begin with fear. You’ll go through a lot of emotions. Maybe anger will come up. Allow it. Grief can come up. We cry for past wounds. If we stay with it, the emotions will settle down, and we’ll feel the freedom. The mind is still there in freedom. What’s amazing to me, is nine times out of ten, there will be an inspiration. The inner guide will help you. 

What is the Heart+ App?

In 1979, when I was a backup musician for the Beach Boys, I had a near-death experience. I call it ‘the infinite of humanity and all living things’. At first, there was only light. Then there was a relationship with light. When I was coming back into my body, I saw different dimensions. One was filled with symbols and mandalas.

When I was back in my body, I wrote the symbols down. I was so fascinated, and I found a book at the library on the symbols that I’d seen in the higher domain. These symbols are blueprints for our lives and our next highest level for consciousness and humanity. 108 symbols have to do with our awakening process to our oneness. 

With the help of a Stanford scientist, we figured out how to take the geometry of the symbols and broadcast them through a digital app. It’s called the Heart + app. You can download it here

When you use the app, your stress level goes down. 

Can you share a final message for our audience? 

Gratitude. If you’re listening, thank you. There is power in numbers. The more of us who begin to remember from moment to moment or hour to hour that [love is the power, the better we are as a society]. We need to stop and pause and reflect. It has a tremendous affect on humanity. When we all raise our consciousness, no matter how unimportant we feel, we all matter. We are a web of humans all connected. 

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