Are You Marriage Material? Take the Test!

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marriage material

Are you marriage material? Take Dr. Matthew Anderson’s test BEFORE you commit to marriage.

Dr. Matthew Anderson has been called “a romance miracle worker” and “a revival love artist”. His four decades as an author, inspirational speaker, and relationship coach give him an unusual depth of insight and compassion for what couples really need in order to revive (and resurrect) their passion and deep connection.

Singles rave about his ability to get right to the heart of what they need to do to find Mr. or Miss Right, and couples frequently say that Dr. Matthew saved their marriage and showed them the path to new heights of love and partnership.

I loved our interview on Last First Date Radio, Are You Marriage Material? Take the Test!

Are You Marriage Material? Take the Test!

What qualifies you to create this test?

My background started in 1970 when I started working with couples as a pastor. I had no idea what I was doing then! Half of my practice is couples, and half are singles. People like to get married, but most people have more training to get their driver’s license than their marriage license. People jump into marriage as if they know what they’re doing. They don’t, because we don’t have a super organized way for people to prepare themselves for marriage. [That’s why I created this test.]

Why did you create a test for people thinking about marriage?

I start asking a lot of questions of couples who were struggling. I created a 16-question system to help people identify and work on the areas that they were struggling with. The first question is, ‘Are you a grownup?’. Marriage requires two adults who can communicate well. 

Another question is, “Can you honestly admit when you are wrong?” A mature person can admit being wrong.

And then there’s,”Can you take responsibility in life?”

Why do you think the majority of marriages fail?

The second question on the test is, “Are you truly in love with your partner?” Many people marry without being in love with their partner. If there’s a moment’s doubt, and if the answer is ‘no’, then wait. Don’t do it. Marriage requires a lot from us. It can be the most wonderful relationship, or it can be hell. Deep love often gives us the strength and desire to make things work, especially in difficult times.

One question from The Course of Miracles is, “Would you rather be happy or right?” In a couple’s relationship, it’s an important question to ask yourself. [The need to be right] causes major difficulties. But if your partner supports you, that will be powerful. 

If you want a happy, healthy, ecstatic relationship, the ratio of positive to negative needs to be very high. Successful couples have a powerful flow of positivity. They build a habit of positivity. Most of us don’t grow up seeing our parents display this type of relationship. I do it now, and my partner does the same. {Listen to Matthew’s beautiful description of showing love in the grocery store!}

Can you share another important question from the test?

Question #12 is: “Can you affirm your partner daily?” When you’re in the habit of doing it, it’s easy. 

Marriages and meaningful relationships are about the heart. We must receive love and let it in. We need to open our hearts and send love back to the other person.

If a person has difficulty letting in love, and someone is trying to love you, you’ve blocked their gift to you. Ask yourself, “How good am I at letting love in?” or “How good am I at giving love?”

If you’re really blocked, work with a professional. A good way to know if you’re blocked is by asking yourself, “How good am I at taking compliments?” It’s important to receive and say, “Thank you”.

You can learn more about Matthew on his website 

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