Meaningful Dates That Lead to Mindful Relationships

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If you’re dating online, you may be frustrated with the superficiality of the process. Meet Amy Baglan, founder of Learn how online dating can lead to mindful relationships!

My podcast guest, Amy Baglan, is the Founder and CEO of MeetMindful, a unique dating site for those who want to have meaningful dates and mindful relationships. She’s on a mission to elevate the online dating world to a more spiritual realm. MeetMindful is one of the fastest growing dating and networking platforms in the world, connecting 36 million like-minded singles interested in mindful living, health and wellness, meditation, spirituality, sustainability, and personal growth.

Check out highlights below for this awesome episode, #289: Mindful Dating and Relationships with Amy Baglan, CEO of

Meaningful Dates That Lead to Mindful Relationships

I loved interviewing Amy. She is so grounded and thoughtful. We began the interview with why she created She spoke about her journey, beginning with quitting a successful job in tech and going on her very own version of Eat, Pray, Love. We discussed how important it is to leave what doesn’t work in your life in order to attract in what does.

I love the analogy she described about a trapeze artist who swings in the air, going from ring to ring. The acrobat has to leave one ring, and for a moment, he/she is suspended in air before reaching the next ring. That moment can be terrifying. But, it’s the leap of faith you need to get to the next big step. It’s so worth it!

If you’ve ever felt scared to leave a relationship or a job and step into the unknown, think about the big YES you’re leaping to on the other side of the abyss. It’s well worth the journey. Choose love over fear!


How can you cultivate the relationship you want?

You must first get clear about what you want. Amy did this through much self-reflection. A particular powerful exercise for her came from Arielle Ford, whose Soulmate Secret work includes guided meditations to help you FEEL what it will be like when your soulmate comes into your life. And Amy says it worked! She’s with a wonderful man right now, and he may just turn out to be the ONE!


How can you create healthy, mindful, and conscious relationships?

Amy practices conscious leadership at work and in life. She said, “The biggest thing I like to focus on is being tapped into what’s going on for me emotionally and physically and naming that openly. If I’m scared, instead of reacting out of fear, I can say I feel scared right now.” That’s been a game changer for her, and I suggest you try being more open and honest with your feelings, too.

“It’s Not Just About Dating – it’s about having permission and safety to move through your vulnerability and limitations.”

Tell us why vulnerability is so important in dating and relationships.

Amy said, “What I notice is the more we take that leap and act in more vulnerable and softer ways, it can become habitual (in a good way). I always get something back that I didn’t expect. It becomes a fun game. I ask myself, ‘What outcome can come of this?’ You and your date/partner can surprise yourselves at what’s on the other side of your vulnerability.


Why is it so important to clear the slate for love by cleaning up old relationship messes?

“I had two exes who carried a negative charge for me. I was still triggered by that, and as I entered my new relationship, I wanted to clean those things up. I wanted to be able to look both of those people in the eye and see them with happiness, compassion, and well-wishes. It was a beautiful thing to have both of those clearing conversations!”


How do you suggest people get clarity on their relationship must-haves?

“On dating sites and apps, you usually get a tiny box to write about yourself. This teaches us to be so surface and not reveal what we truly desire in a partner and our life.

At, we have a comprehensive question process to help people reveal more about themselves. We ask questions such as, “What are your biggest passions?” “What’s new and good in your life?” What imperfections you’re working on embracing right now?” We have over 2,000 articles on dating and relationships on the site.

Check out and find your like-minded partner!

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