How to Meet Quality Men in Real Life

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Do you have a love/hate relationship with online dating? If you’re ready for a break and/or would like to meet quality men offline, you must read this!

My radio guest, Camille Virginia, is the founder of Master Offline Dating. Through private coaching, online courses, and live workshops she helps singles who are burned out with online dating and apps to find love in their own lives by providing the key skills to boost social confidence, create romantic connection, and find lasting commitment in the real world!

Enjoy highlights below for episode #280: 3 Steps to Meeting Quality Men in Real Life with Camille Virginia

How to Meet Quality Men in Real Life

What inspired you to become an offline dating coach?

I grew up as a shy introvert. I wanted to become more comfortable with people. I started saying things to random people and asking questions. There were awkward moments at first, because I was all up in my head. I eventually found that I loved connecting with people. And I started getting asked out by men everywhere I went! 

Why is everyone burned out with online dating?

When online dating first became popular around 15 years ago, it was a little scary but also intriguing to be able to meet people online. It’s become more socially accepted today, and now people want to know how you can meet people if you’re not online. Why? Because we’ve forgotten how to meet people in real life. I help single women date offline to encourage them to meet men in real life as well as online (if that’s their preference).


What’s the benefit of meeting someone offline vs online?

If you’re feeling depleted from online dating, take a break. Fill that time with offline dating skills. If that burns you out, try online again. Give either one a shot for a month or two, and authentically put yourself out there.


How do you meet quality men offline?

Put yourself out there. If you’re an introvert like me, look for quality over quantity. Be present. Do the deeper work and be vulnerable, listen well, and ask good questions. 

Every time you step outside, it’s an opportunity to meet people: coffee shops, the airport, everywhere you go. Talk to men like you would to a friend, like you already know them. You can begin with a compliment. Everyone likes a compliment.

Note: If you compliment his shoes, it doesn’t mean you want to sleep with him. Push past the fear, and watch a man light up. A compliment is a gift. 

Sample dialogue: “I like your watch. Is there a story behind it?”

[:16 minutes in, listen to a great story about Camille meeting a man on a train, and how he connected with women.]


Let’s say you meet someone out in the real world. How do you steer the conversation towards the “ask out”?

There are two things to consider if you want to be asked out:

1. What kind of conversations are you having? Are you talking about the weather, or are you having meaningful conversations? Focus on the latter.

2. Talk about things you like to do. You’re sharing about your personality and interests. That encourages an ask out: “You like this, I like this, why don’t we get together?”


What’s one thing listeners can do in the next 24 hours to begin to meet quality men offline?

If you have thoughts in your head, like a compliment or a question you want to ask, say it before overthinking it. Take it from your mind to your head. It’s not going to be as difficult as you think.

Social skills are a muscle. Bust through the barrier. Conquer your fear, and it will get easier, and you’re going to enjoy it more and get results. 

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