Men and Commitment…It’s the Opposite of What You Think

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men and commitment

Andre Paradis talks about men and commitment on this episode of Last First Date Radio. It’s the opposite of what you might think.

Andre Paradis has been studying people his entire life. Over a decade ago, he was compelled to teach his findings and knowledge to the masses. He’s a Coach, Teacher, Educator, Mentor and Public Speaker, and is an expert in dating, love, parenting and business.

The magic is to be fully aware of the energy mechanism in place in these dynamics and learn to negotiate the terms to reduce power friction. Andre has been married for over two decades and is a proud parent of two teens.

In this episode:

  • Why love relationships seem so difficult today
  • Why releasing the walls we put up is crucial to love
  • How can we release the armor?
  • What makes a man commit to a woman?

Men and Commitment…It’s the Opposite of What You Think

Why do love relationships seem so difficult now?

A little less than ten years ago, there was a tidal wave of differences between men and women. It became a power thing. During the feminist movement, women became powerful and had equal opportunity. Now, if you look at what the movement has become, it’s a man hating program. How is that going to work in love relationships?

Men became softer while women became more powerful. It’s not working in love. Women are strong, independent, and powerful, men are passive and emotional. Where’s the attraction? 

What’s the answer to learning about men and commitment?

There are women who are more aggressive due to lack of trust from childhood. It’s a defense mechanism. They need to take down their walls and be more vulnerable. Nothing happens without vulnerability. Men won’t start it. Women need to learn to be vulnerable. Work on unpacking the past stuff so you don’t project it onto the man in front of you.

What are the steps to release the armor?

We go back into childhood and see where she didn’t feel safe. She guarded herself up to protect herself then, but it’s ineffective as an adult trying to find love. These women have never felt ‘daddy energy’ to protect and nurture in the home. If you never had that, you don’t know what it feels like. You need to develop the feminine in yourself. Otherwise, you’ll attract a feminine man. 

Women either want a man to be the daddy they never had, or, they take on the daddy role.

How do you define vulnerability?

It’s the opposite of control. Masculine is conquer, compete, control. Feminine is passive, patient, vulnerable. Receptive, open, and available.

Men and commitment…what makes a man commit and what makes him leave?

Women think men don’t commit and won’t take responsibility for anything. Not true. Men commit every day. They have to commit first in order to do anything. 

A good woman adds to their life. He’ll hold himself accountable to providing, keeping her safe and protecting. He won’t commit until he’s ready and has the resources. A partnership is side by side. 

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