Mindful Practices for Breaking Through Love Blocks

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Bex Burton helps you bust through love blocks to manifest your true love.

My radio guest, Bex Burton, talked about breaking through love blocks and opening to big love. As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Bex helps people design and manifest a life they truly love living. From a young age, she has manifested dream upon dream in her own life, including a marketing career in Broadway Theatrics, a Movement and Wellness company in NYC, and most impressively, her own true love story, which she conjured creating hula hoop performance art. (Yep, really! She shares this story on the show.)

Bex inspires audiences worldwide through live and online workshops, events and transformational in-depth coaching programs, designed to ignite the fire within you so that you may achieve new heights of success, purpose, and spiritual aliveness.

You can read highlights of our radio show below!


Mindful Practices for Breaking Through Love Blocks


What is the number one necessary ingredient in attracting Big Love?

I believe our mindset is absolutely necessary in attracting big love. Be open, curious, allowing, flexible, believe in possibility, and be expansive. You need to believe magic and miracles exist. If you don’t believe it in your love life, think about other areas in your life where it has shown up.

I had the right mindset, but my walls were high, and it took a while for me to recognize my beloved for who he was.

Growing up, I was slightly overweight, an emotional eater. Until my early 20s, I chased love. Then, I shed the excess weight and started attracting in lots of men. (Men thought I was sexy).

Some walls I had to break down were about checking my ego. I believed I was a catch, and that attitude held me back, because I believed no one was good enough.

How do you suggest women begin to breakthrough their blocks to lasting love?

One of the first pieces I work with my clients on is cultivating a 360 degree love of who you are. Accept and love all parts of you, even the parts that are private (not on Facebook), that we don’t share with others. Some of the things we don’t share as broadly with others are beautiful opportunities to find love within. Like fear; it’s often from a core wound that generates from when we were very young. So, love the child within us.

To heal, practice radical self-care.

If you’ve separated from a spiritual or grounding practice, doing so will get you in touch with that still small voice within. It’s hard to have that 360 degree love for who you are without that.

I am an ‘evidence junkie’. Be alert to where big love is everywhere in your life. Love of your friends, or random acts of love displayed by strangers around you. These small acts of kindness are acts of love. Tuning into the frequency of love around you will get you in alignment with your beloved. 

What’s your favorite strategy to get out of the “I’ve tried everything rut”? 

One of my favorite strategies can apply to your love life or other areas of your life. When clients say, “I’ve tried everything and I’m in a rut”, I say, “What’s one thing that scares the living bejeesus out of you? If you embarked on it, it would change your life in such a way that it would change the way you do and think about things.” 

When we choose to take on something that’s a calling from our heart, and we move into something scary, something we haven’t done before, it shifts the way we be and think. 

That could be the missing ingredient. It will require you to do things differently. This soul calling thing has the power to unlock the missing ways of being that might be getting in the way of big love.

What’s a final thought you can leave us with that sums up your beliefs about big love?

Love is coming from everywhere! Make that your mantra…

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