Mixed Signals in Dating

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mixed signals

Have you ever received mixed signals in dating? He seems interested, texts and calls, but he never asks you out. Learn what to do in this video!

Do you ever feel confused by the men you date? He says one thing, and then he contradicts himself. He plans for a future, but he’s not even available right now! It can make you crazy. Listen as I help Judi decode mixed signals with the man she was dating for 6 months. If you’re confused about what to do when there are mixed signals, you absolutely have to watch this video.

Judi writes in about the mixed signals from a guy she was seeing…

Judi wrote: “I met a guy last July at my grandson’s baseball game. His son was on the other team. He’s a chiropractor, has 3 children and is separated from his wife but will not get a divorce. We went on two dates, but he cannot seem to make time to see me. He always says he misses me, which I find very odd because although we only met up twice, we were texting each other frequently and he was calling me sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. The conversations were maybe 5 min long, and he’d have to run. I became suspicious and he didn’t like that. Personally I didn’t get how he didn’t understand where I was coming from. 

About 2 months ago I decided to move on and go on a date with someone else I met randomly. I told the chiropractor we needed to take a step back because we lead two very different lives and I needed to focus on myself, because I was going through some big changes with my son getting married and he and his new wife will no longer be my shared financial roommates.

He claims he was hurt that I pushed him away. I contact him with a hello and how are you now and again. He is very short with me. Last night after texting hello he texted – to please stop contacting him. But we ended up texting back and forth- just a couple texts with him again trying to tell me that I cannot be trusted as a friend because twice I pushed him away.

My personal opinion… I think he’s full of it. I think he talks to and maybe sees other women. He has a nanny for his 9 yr old daughter. Why couldn’t he make time to see me?” 

Later in the post, Judi said: “We never defined it as exclusive but he would often mention our future such as – you will see my shore house , you will see my home, I will cook for you , he would also say things such as he imagined us cuddling together watching movies and blah blah blah . Did he seriously expect me to wait around for all of this? I just don’t understand where he gets off being hurt and annoyed with me. I just wish I knew if he was full of it or if this was all real feelings. Sometimes I feel like I’m being catfished in a sense. I often would tell myself how do I know his wife is not in the same room with him while he’s texting me. He did say she would often show up at the house because the kids are living with him.

Mixed Signals?

What do you think? Is this guy giving her mixed signals, or is there something else going on?

Watch the video to hear my thoughts on Judi’s mixed signals, and the advice I give her on how to take her power back.

Please leave a comment and let me know your takeaways from this video!


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