Moving On From Infidelity

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InfidelityToday’s guest blog on infidelity is written by Gemma Collier. If you have suffered infidelity from your partner it can be one of the hardest things to move on from. You can feel as though you will never be able to fully trust again and finding love again might seem impossible. How will you be able to invest your heart into a new person ever again?

Being cheated on does not only affect the relationship in which it happened, it can leave you with long lasting feelings of bitterness and resentment against relationships and an entire gender in general and can also lead to feelings of inadequacy and a decrease in self-worth; it’s common for those who have been cheated on to wonder whether it was their fault. ‘Wasn’t I good enough/attractive enough/attentive enough?’ are all questions we commonly ask ourselves after we have been cheated on.

How to heal after infidelity

If your relationship is over as a result of being cheated on and you feel ready to take the first step towards a new relationship, dealing with those feelings of self-doubt is key. Speaking to a counsellor can help you begin to realise it’s of course not your fault. Friends and family can also provide valuable support during this time as you try to regain your confidence.

What if you had the affair?

If you are the person who has committed the infidelity you may also have to deal with feelings of self-doubt. It is likely that you are harbouring feelings of shame and guilt. Knowing that you have the capacity to cheat may also mean you find it difficult to trust a new partner. You need to move on, too. You must understand why you did it in order to be able to forgive yourself and find happiness in a new relationship. By exploring the reasons behind your infidelity, you can free yourself from the cycle of cheating and enter into a healthier and more honest relationship next time.

Perhaps you weren’t compatible in your old relationship and the infidelity occurred as a result. You may have rushed into the relationship without truly understanding what you wanted in a partner.

It’s important to understand that you can survive and move on from infidelity. The process is likely to be long and painful but having the right people around to support you can be a great comfort. Although upsetting, experiencing infidelity can allow you to re-evaluate what you want in a partner and help you move forward into a new relationship.

Have you ever been victim of infidelity? Please share your thoughts below.


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