It’s Never Too Late To Find Love

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never too late to find loveI admit it – I’m a sucker for a real life love story. No, I’m not talking about the Hollywood/Disney “some day your prince will come” type of love story. I’m referring to what happens in real life when two grownup people fall in love. These types of true love stories can be so uplifting. They can restore hope to those who have given up on love. Because it’s never too late to find love. And for those already in happy loving relationships, isn’t it great to know you’re in good company?

A Real Life Love Story

This is a story about a beautiful dark-haired beauty I’ll call Lynn. Fifteen years ago, as a single 30 year-old mom raising a toddler, the last thing on her mind was dating. So she spent the first few years post-divorce getting her life together before going on her first date.

When she was ready to date again, she signed up for a profile on She met many nice men, but no one special. After a few months, she met a hot guy and had her first long-term relationship post-divorce. It was purely physical, and that’s just what she needed at the time. Sometimes you need to have spectacular sex after divorce to reconfirm that you’re still sexy, right? However, without any deep connection, the relationship eventually lost its luster. She broke up with stud-muffin, and was now ready for a loving, lasting relationship with a man of substance.

Lynn dated online for many years, and met men who were sweet and kind, but something important was always missing. These men were not the right fit. Just as she was growing tired of Match and JDate and was ready to throw in the towel on online dating, a friend suggested she go on OKCupid.

Find out what happened next by reading the rest of the article here. 



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