No Good Men? Think Again!

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I was in a foul mood this morning. For months, I had been hard at work preparing for my first FREE webinar, The Naked Truth D.A.T.I.N.G. Method, a six step formula for finding love after divorce. (Please sign up on the sidebar of my home page for the Monday, April 30th 7 PM – 8 PM ET live webinar.) Anyway, I was running a test webinar for about 19 people last night, and the technology gods were frowning upon me. My slides didn’t work, the whole program froze, and my webinar became a teleclass! I rolled with it. Then my ex called, and I hung up feeling even worse. I am usually a very positive person. I pride myself on my ability to bounce back, to be resilient. But not this morning. I was unable to pull the dark cloud off my head. To top it all off, I had also been having a string of bad luck with dating. There seemed to be no good men online. And then I went on Facebook and saw that I had about 25 ‘other’ messages. I had never seen this category before. I clicked on it, and here’s what I found:

“How are you doing today? hope you are doing just good, you really look beautiful and gorgeous, you have a lovely smile that could heal a sick person,i am really amazed at your beauty, i would love to get to know you more better if you don’t mind. I am Valentino Federico from Catania, Italy but lives in United Kingdom. Would appreciate hearing back from you.

Thanks and God bless you.”

Valentino likes me! I started to feel a little better.

Then this one:

“Hello Dear, I must confess you have a nice profile and pic here…Smiling. I know this may come too you as a surprise, I am Wayne by name, I saw you on here and i was really attracted by your profile and pic, So i wouldn’t mind taking any risk to know you better if you don’t mind.

I am a christian gentleman who is seriously looking for a serious nice lady to develop a life-long love & companionship. I have read your profile and would like to trade emails with you if possible.

If you are looking for a nice gentleman, please reply and I will tell you more details about myself.

I wish you a wonderful week full of happiness, success, love, and good health.

Warmest regards,


Wayne loves me! There are good men out there!

And this one from Davis:

“Hi is very nice when i see you on your profile u look beautiful.all i want is your attention,i went to know more about you.have a wonderful moment hope to hear from you,”

I’m back! I’m feeling great. I’ve recovered, and knowing that I am loved by random men really helped me.

Okay, you know that I am kidding about these guys, but it’s important to laugh when you’re feeling down.

Here’s what else I did to bounce back:

1. Went for a walk with my son. Exercise brings good hormones into your body. Yay!

2. Ate healthy food. I baked salmon and made a side of brown rice and broccoli for lunch. I felt like eating a chocolate bar. But this was a better choice. The chocolate would have given me a false high followed by a big drop.

3. Left my desk and went to my teaching job. On Tuesday afternoons, I teach art at a Hebrew School. Leaving my home office was good for me. Interacting with the kids, seeing their smiling faces and the creative projects they produced was a mood booster.

4. Went for another walk with my friend. More endorphins! And support. So important to reach out for the support of someone who loves you!

5. Wrote my blog. For me, the act of creating is a positive mood booster. I love to create in many forms, and writing is one of my favorites. Knowing that my message might help others is also a key to happiness.

And there you have it. Happy me.

What do you do to get out of your bad moods? How do you stay positive, especially when dating feels bleak? Please share your comments below.




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