Non-committal men: How to spot them and when to run

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non-committal men

If you’ve ever dated non-committal men, this video will help you spot one early on, before you get involved.

Many women who seek out my coaching support have a history of dating non-committal men, or men who are emotionally unavailable. They need to break this toxic pattern in order to attract a commitment-minded man for the serious loving relationship they desire and deserve. This is such a common problem that my colleague Bobbi Palmer, CEO of Date Like a Grownup, and I co-hosted a Blab live stream video about dating non-committal men. 

Here’s what we discussed about dating non-committal men and how to break the pattern:

  • What are the signs of dating non-committal men?

  • How do you recognize the ‘sheep in wolf’s clothing’?

  • Why do women date non-committal men?

  • Should you be concerned about men who jump in quickly with affection and attention?

  • Who does a woman need to be in order to attract a commitment-ready man?

  • And much more!

Please watch the video, and then post your ahas, questions, and comments below.


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