Obsessing After a Great First Date?

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great first date

You had a great first date. Now you’re obsessing over this person, and you can’t wait to see them again. Slow down! Here’s why…

You finally meet someone amazing, someone who seems like they’re your perfect match. The attraction is off the charts. The conversation flows. You leave the date with a kiss goodnight and a big smile on your face. You’re obsessing, you can’t get this person out of your mind. You can’t wait to see them again. You might have met the “one” – or maybe not. Obsessing after a great first date? You’re not alone. And it’s important to not get carried away after that initial date. Here’s why…

Why obsessing after a great first date is unhealthy 

Sometimes we obsess over a great first date because it’s been so long since we’ve felt a connection. Often, we have dating fatigue, and this person has a great personality and seems to tick all our boxes. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for love and you think you found it, you get excited. Why not? 

Just because the date went well, it doesn’t mean they’ll call you again or that they’re a good match. Just because you had a great time doesn’t mean they did, even if they seemed to be vibing with you. A great first date doesn’t mean much. You don’t know them well enough to decide they’re the “one”. Which is why it’s important to slow down.

3 signs you’re obsessing

Be aware of the signs that you might be obsessing, so you can take your power back.

1. You keep checking your phone, waiting for them to text or ask you out again

You keep checking your phone to see if they called or sent a text. If they’re not in touch the next day, you want to text them, even though you texted after the first date to tell them how great the date was and you hope to do it again soon. This constant checking is crazy-making!

2. You stop dating other people

You’re so sure that this person is special, you stop responding to other people who are interested in you. But, you don’t know this person well enough to shut down other dates. This can sabotage your love life.

3. You make up stories about them

You create stories and excuses about why they haven’t texted or called. Or you create stories about what you did wrong on the date that made them reconsider whether they want to see you again. Maybe you’re not pretty/thin/witty/wealthy enough. Or you make up stories about their character and personality, even though you’ve just met. All of these stories are simply stories and not facts.

How to stop obsessing after one great first date

When you’ve already created a future before there’s even a present with this person, it can be hard to cool your jets. Here are three ways to stop obsessing and come back to reality.

1. Remember you don’t know really them

It was just one date. You don’t know this person. It’s easy to show up as charming, sweet, attentive, and sexy on one date. Sustaining good character is another story. So remember, you barely know this person. You were so excited, you hoped they’d be the right match, but they also might be very wrong for you. 

2. Keep dating others

Don’t shut down your profile after one great date. Keep your options open until you really know someone. Go on more dates with others, as dating is about discovery. It takes time to decide if someone is right for you. Discover, don’t decide on first dates.

3. Live your best life

Continue to live your life as you did before you had this great date. Go out with friends. Meet new people. Do things you love. You’ll obsess less over one person when your life is filled with activities and people you love.

Many of us have obsessed over one great date at some point in our lives. That’s because we’re hopeful and we want to be in love. Be proud that you have the ability to open your heart, even if it’s just for a short while. And reserve your full heart for someone who shows you over time that they can be your person. Until then, happy dating!

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