Offline Dating: How to Meet Your Match in Real Life

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offline dating

Have you tried offline dating? If you’re frustrated with online dating, here’s how to meet your match in real life!

If online dating is not working for you, why not try offline dating? While I believe online dating can be a wonderful way to connect with people you’d never meet in real life, it can also be quite frustrating. You start a conversation that goes nowhere, you get ghosted, you send messages that go unanswered…your self-esteem can take a hit or you might simply be burned out and need a break. Enter offline dating! Here are five ways to meet your match in real life.

Offline Dating: How to Meet Your Match in Real Life

1. Volunteer and work at the registration desk. It feels great to give back to causes that are meaningful to you. You also get to surround yourself with like-minded people who share your values. Win-win! Working at the sign-in desk will help you meet every person who has registered when they check in. If you spot someone who catches your eye, you can start a conversation later on.

2. Go to events at your temple or church. Religious organizations host events to attract community members. Sign up to receive invitations for events such as concerts, speakers, or groups for singles. 

3. Travel alone. When you travel, you’re usually more relaxed, which means you’re more yourself…a perfect state of mind for meeting your match. Many travel companies offer tours for people traveling solo. You can cycle through Brazil, eat your way through Spain, or hike your way through British Columbia. Whatever you decide to do, traveling alone will give you more opportunities to meet people who enjoy the same activities as you. 

4. Take a class. Learning is sexy. People are attracted to those who are always open to learning and growing. Look for classes on things you’re interested in, such as wine tasting, painting, cooking, or beer brewing. If it piques your interest, go for it, with the added bonus of meeting others who enjoy those things, too.

5. Smile and talk to people! You can meet people anywhere, from the person sitting next to you at the airport to the one behind you at the grocery store or in the gym. If you’re looking at your phone or have your ear buds in, you’ll never meet anyone. So put your phone away, take out the ear buds, make eye contact and smile. Then, start a simple conversation with something like, “What do you recommend at this bakery?” or “What are your favorite machines at the gym?” followed by “Can you show me how to use that machine?”

In conclusion, if you need a break from online dating or you simply want to begin meeting people in real life,  offline dating is a great a way to increase the likelihood of going on your last first date. And remember, you’ll find the best matches when you’re doing something that’s in line with your values and passions. Happy dating IRL!

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