On The Prowl For Good Men? Try This…

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good menI am honored to have another article on the YourTango home page this past week. Are you wondering where are all the good men are? The answer is everywhere! But if you’re doing this, you might be turning them off…

Three girlfriends go to a bar to pick up some good men. They spent hours putting on makeup, picking out just the right outfit (a perfect blend of sexy/conservative, so they don’t look desperate or too sexual), fixing their hair, and finally slapping on a pair of heels. Time to hit the scene!

They are doing everything they can to meet an elegible bachelor, right? But alas, they are not successful. Those three gorgeous women leave together at the end of the night without any men by their side. “There are no good men!” they lament on their way home. Has this ever happened to you?

Why didn’t they meet any good men?

Sorry ladies, but it’s not that there are no good men. There were probably several great guys at the bar that night but they just didn’t approach those three beautiful women. Why? Because there were three women banded together. A man is much more likely to approach you if you’re alone than if you’re in a group. It’s harder to break into the pack than to approach a woman who’s alone.

How do you find the good men? read more at YourTango


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