Online Dating Safety Tips

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online dating safety

Follow these online dating safety tips to protect yourself when you date online. Stay safe on your journey to your last first date!

Many people shy away from online dating, because of the horror stories they’ve heard. Online dating is a GREAT way to meet people you’d never meet in real life. You just have to know how to vet people so you don’t fall for scammers or people who are unsafe in any way.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Follow these ten tips to protect yourself while dating online:

  1. Use a nickname on your dating profile, so it’s harder to find you on social media
  2. Change your location to the next town over to protect your privacy
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no if you’re not ready to meet up
  4. If something feels off, it probably is
  5. Have your own transportation to the date and if possible, don’t walk to or from the date
  6. Tell someone the details of your date
  7. Meet in a public space or with a group of people 
  8. Never put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a stranger
  9. Have a FaceTime or Zoom icebreaker date before actually meeting someone
  10. And most importantly, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS

Online dating is a fantastic way to meet your match. Dating can be exciting (and confusing), but the one thing it should always be is safe. Take control of your love life by protecting your safety!

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