Overcoming Fear of Abandonment in Dating

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fear of abandonment

Do you have a fear of abandonment in your romantic relationships? You’re not alone. In this video, you’ll learn how to overcome your fears!

Many of us have a fear of abandonment, especially when it comes to our romantic relationships. In this video, you’ll learn where this fear comes from and the steps you can take to overcome your fears to have the healthy relationship you yearn for.

Overcoming Fear of Abandonment in Dating

Where does this fear come from?

It usually begins in early childhood from:

  • Loss of a parent
  • Parents divorced when you were young
  • A parent or caretaker wasn’t attentive to your feelings and needs 
  • Parent or caretaker was away a lot or inconsistent in their care

These childhood experiences of inconsistent or lack of availability became our models for how relationships work. We then subconsciously carry those childhood insecurities, fears, and expectations for how others will behave into our romantic relationships. 

It’s common to anticipate rejection and search for signs of disinterest from the people we date. People with a strong fear of abandonment will be triggered by their partners’ behavior, and jump to conclusions without checking in to find out the truth. They often assume the worst, when the truth may be far from what’s in their imagination. It’s also common for children who grow up insecurely attached to their caretakers to rely on a partner to validate their self-worth. 

This is self-sabotaging behavior, and can lead to the premature end of a relationship. 

How can you overcome your fears?

  • When triggered, take a breath and get centered
  • Notice the stories you’re making up about abandonment
  • Separate fact from fiction
  • Check in with the person you’re dating, and learn the truth

Keep on practicing these steps, as the truth will eventually set you free from your fears. When you date someone who has a secure attachment style, they will support you in feeling safe to reveal your fears and celebrate you for being vulnerable and speaking up.

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