Overcoming Fears in Dating and Relationships DIY Course

Overcoming Fears in Dating and Relationships

Have your fears held you back from going on dates?

Have fears prevented you from getting close to a special man?

You’re not alone. Whether you’re afraid for your physical or your emotional safety,
fears can keep you from the intimate relationship you yearn for.
This mini-course will help you identify your most pressing fears. And you’ll receive actionable tips to help you move past your fears towards the relationship you deserve.


  • 1/2 hour downloadable audio file on how to overcome fears in dating/relationships
  • Transcript of the audio file
  • Workbook that includes:
  1. Guide for overcoming fear of emotional intimacy
  2. Guide for how to date again after a breakup or divorce
  3. Guide for the top fears for dating in midlife and how to overcome them
  4. Guide for how to un-guard your heart

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