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How to Stop Overthinking When Dating

overthinking when dating

If you’re prone to overthinking when dating, it’s probably sabotaging your love life. Here are 6 steps to stop overthinking!

Are you overthinking everything, especially in dating? Are you a chronic worrier? Do you overanalyze everything people say or do? If you are plagued with constant rumination and second guessing, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six steps to stop overthinking in life and love. (Some of them may surprise you).

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How to Increase Intimacy and Build Conscious Relationships

increase intimacy

How do you increase intimacy in your relationships? My podcast guest, Magda Kay, has the answers you need to hear!

Magda Kay is an Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher & Conscious Relating Coach, author of No More Faking It, and founder of the School of Intimacy. She is on a mission to help people access their deepest desires and discover the ability to create transformative intimacy in their lives.

In this episode:

  • Why Magda became an intimacy expert and Tantra teacher
  • What is intimacy and how is iit different from sex?
  • The top mistakes people make that lead to breakups
  • How to create more intimacy and build more conscious relationships
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Offline Dating: How to Meet Your Match in Real Life

offline dating

Have you tried offline dating? If you’re frustrated with online dating, here’s how to meet your match in real life!

If online dating is not working for you, why not try offline dating? While I believe online dating can be a wonderful way to connect with people you’d never meet in real life, it can also be quite frustrating. You start a conversation that goes nowhere, you get ghosted, you send messages that go unanswered…your self-esteem can take a hit or you might simply be burned out and need a break. Enter offline dating! Here are five ways to meet your match in real life.

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Long Arousal, Arousal Arcs, and Erotic Energy

erotic energy

How do we increase our erotic energy? What are long arousal and arousal arcs? All this and more on this episode of Last First Date Radio.

Want to know how to increase your erotic energy? My podcast guest, Pamela Madsen, is the founder of Back to the Body, and she brings a unique blend of intelligence, humor, and vulnerability to her advocacy for integrated sexuality and female pleasure. With a Master’s Degree in Education and certification as a Somatic Sex Educator, Pamela has been a mediagenic voice in her field for over thirteen years (and yes, she’s been on Oprah!).

In this episode:

  • What is long arousal and how does it differ from orgasm? 
  • What are arousal arcs? 
  • What can long arousal teach us about pleasure beyond penetration? 
  • What is the sexological bodywork movement? 
  • What can be expected at a sexological bodywork retreat
  • What can sexological bodywork teach us about women’s sexuality and arousal?
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How to Identify Fake Dating Profiles

fake dating profiles

How can you identify fake dating profiles? Many profiles are either inactive or fake. Here’s how to tell what’s real and what’s fake.

If you’re not sure how to identify fake dating profiles, you’re not alone. In fact, if you’ve ever dated online, it’s highly likely you’ve been sent messages from some fake profiles. 

They’ll tell you everything you want to hear, but it’s always at a price if you engage long enough. And with the rise in artificial intelligence, it’s easier than ever to create a fake profile and deceive online daters.

Did you know that 60% of all online profiles are either inactive or fake? Scammers are getting even more clever with the tools they use to trick you into sharing sensitive information or giving them money. Here are seven ways to identify fake online profiles so you can stay safe online. 

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Coaching a Widow Who Wants Another Chance at Love

another chance at love

In this podcast episode, I coach a widow, Katherine, who wants another chance at love after losing her husband three years ago.

On today’s podcast episode, I’m coaching a widow who wants another chance at love. This is a one-time session with “Katherine”, a woman I’d never met before. My hope is that through this coaching session, not only will I have helped Katherine with her dating challenges, but you will find parts of her experience that resonate with you as well. 

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Developing a Thicker Skin in Dating

thicker skin in dating

If you don’t develop a thicker skin in dating, it will take a hit on your self-worth. Here’s how to stop taking things personally in dating!

It’s important to develop a thicker skin in dating, especially if you’re dating online, or you’ll soon burn out or question your self-worth. It’s hard to stay positive with all the ghosting, bread crumbing, sexual comments, and unkind or un-engaging messages. The key to developing a thicker skin is not taking anything personally. It’s about having the ability to bounce back and let whatever happens roll off your back. Even the most sensitive person can do this. Here are five valuable tips for developing a thicker skin in dating. 

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