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If you’re a single woman over 40, follow the blog to learn how to attract quality men, sustain a healthy relationship, break up with dignity, understand and communicate with men 40 +, and much more…

The Perils of Online Dating

In this video, I outline the top 5 perils of online dating from the book, ‘How to Not Die Alone’. Date smarter and find love online!

I’ve been loving ‘How to Not Die Alone’, by Logan Ury. A behavioral scientist, dating coach, and matchmaker, Logan shares actionable tips to help singles find and keep love. In this video, I disclose her helpful information on how to find love online. According to Logan, we’re dating all wrong. 

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Understanding Your Relationship Blueprint

relationship blueprint

Your relationship blueprint is based on many things. In this episode, relationship coach, Jamie Hirsch, reveals how our blueprint is created.

Jamie Hirsch helps people identify their relationship blueprint. Her unique vantage on life and relationships, along with years of study and mentoring with some of the best in the business, make for a distinct delivery that has helped hundreds of people transform their lives by sourcing their own power.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Jamie is so passionate about relationships
  • What role self-esteem plays in who we attract
  • How to know if someone is right for you
  • How to discover your relationship blueprint
  • How to go on your last first date

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When His Actions Don’t Match His Words

actions don't match

What do you do when a guy’s actions don’t match his words? My ex-boyfriend seemed like a great guy at first, until this happened…

“I’m a good guy!” That’s what my boyfriend Bob would say (with his sexy southern accent) whenever he did something that wasn’t so ‘good’. He forgot my birthday? “I’m so sorry. I’m really a good guy. Let me take you out for dinner tonight to celebrate.” Have you ever met a good guy – someone who claimed to be ‘good’ – but they weren’t? That’s what today’s video is about…

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A Guide to Total Confidence & Romantic Connection


In this episode of Last First Date Radio, learn how to develop confidence and an authentic romantic connection with Connell Barrett.

Connell Barrett has one mission: help men defeat loneliness and attract their soulmates with authenticity and confidence. He’s the founder of Dating Transformation and a coach with The League. Connell spent years training with the world’s best relationship and self-development experts. Connell’s next project? His forthcoming book, Dating Sucks But You Don’t, to be published in May by Simon & Schuster.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Connell’s five-year quest to rebuild confidence after his 9-week marriage ended
  • How his advice for men is different from pickup artists
  • What women are really looking for in a man
  • Some of the issues men face when dating after the #metoo movement
  • How to go on your last first date

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How Taking a Break from Sex Can Improve Intimacy

break from sex

When is it important to take a break from sex? How does that break improve your relationship? Tune in to find out!

Mary Jo Rapini is a practicing psychotherapist, author, speaker, and Fox 26 Houston expert specializing in relationships. Her mission is to encourage healthy and strong relationships, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The most common sex issues 
  • Why couples struggle with sex
  • When to take a break from sex
  • How to have a conversation about taking a break from sex
  • What to do on your sex break

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What to Do When He Says He Needs Space

he needs space

When a man you’ve been seeing says he needs space, what do you do? If you’re like most women, you wait for him to come back. Do this instead.

When a man says he needs space, what does it mean? If this has ever happened to you, it’s a confusing and anxiety-inducing thing to hear. It could mean so many things, and you won’t know unless you ask for clarity. Is he saying ‘space’ as code words for ending the relationship? Is space something he needs because his life is too complicated and he can’t manage having a relationship right now? You won’t know if it’s an issue with him, you, or the relationship unless you take the following six steps to understand on a deeper level.

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