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How to Heal From Heartbreak

heal from heartbreak

It can be difficult to heal from heartbreak. In today’s video, I share 5 steps to begin the healing process so you can create the love you deserve!

Heartbreak is similar to drug withdrawal. Don’t just take my word for it. Scientific studies have shown that just seeing a picture of your ex, dopamine is released, which gives you that giddy feeling inside. Unfortunately, it’s the same brain region as the one associated with drug addiction.

There are many other chemicals released when we’re in love that make us feel amazing. These chemicals can prevent us from seeing red flags, which is why we end up in these toxic relationships to begin with!

After a breakup, the brain, which was chemically dependent on that hit of dopamine, is now deprived. That’s why it can be difficult to eat and sleep, and it’s why you can obsess about your ex. But, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore…

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How Your Gut Influences Your Love Life

love life

My guest, Jeanne Byrd, spoke about how your nutrition and your gut have a direct influence on the success of your love life.

Did you know your gut has a big influence on the success of your love life? As a Calling in “The One” Coach with an international coaching practice, Jeanne Byrd guides her clients to fall in love with themselves as the foundation for calling in the greatest love they could ever experience. She helps them remove any barriers to love and fully embrace their worth to become magnetic to their desired partner.

Having just completed her Masters of Science degree in health coaching and nutrition, Jeanne has launched her signature program, Healthy Love, which includes creating self-care practices to design the body and love life you desire so there’s no hesitation when your Beloved comes knocking at your door.

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When Will You Be Ready to Date Again?

ready to date

When will you be ready to date again? In this video, learn the difference between healing from past relationships and learning from BEING in a relationship.

Are you ready to date again? Or..are you waiting to date until…you lose enough weight, heal a little more from past heartbreak, or your kids grow up? If you’re still waiting to get started, listen to this video. Learn the difference between the work we need to do before we date and the work we do while dating and in relationship.

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Why Most Relationships Fail

relationships fail

Dr. Larry Waldman explains why most relationships fail. Turns out, we date backwards. Tune in to find out what this means…and more!

My podcast guest, Dr. Larry Waldman, spoke about why most relationships fail, and how to forge healthy relationships. He’s a clinical forensic psychologist who consults, teaches graduate counseling courses, speaks professionally on parenting and relationships, and writes articles and self-help books on those topics. His books include “Who’s Raising Whom?” “Coping with Your Adolescent;” “How Come I Love Him But Can’t Live with Him?” “The Graduate Course You Never Had;” “Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune?” “Overcoming Your Negotiaphobia;” and his latest book, “Love Your Child More Than You Hate Your Ex: What Every Divorced Parent Needs to Know.”

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, you’ll learn:

  • How you can love someone and not be able to live with them
  • What it means to date backwards
  • Why second marriages and most relationships fail
  • How to argue effectively
  • How to foster healthy relationships

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Five Assumptions to Stop Making in Dating

five assumptions

In this video, I share five assumptions you must stop making if you’re searching for lasting love. Check it out!

Do you find yourself making a lot of assumptions about men? Dating in midlife can be challenging. Dating online can be even more challenging. We are meeting total strangers, and it’s easy to prejudge the men we meet.

But, having assumptions actually makes dating harder. We eliminate so many possible matches when we paint men with a broad brush.
In this video, I share five assumptions to stop making if you want to find love. Because your assumptions might be keeping you single!

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The Future of Live Streaming and Dating

live streaming

My podcast guest, Geoff Cook, spoke about the future of live streaming and dating apps. Learn ways to make dating fun on the apps using live streaming.

My podcast guest, Geoff Cook, joined me for an interesting conversation on the future of lives streaming and dating apps. He is a serial entrepreneur, and CEO of The Meet Group. It started as a single brand, which Geoff grew to over $30 million in revenue before merging with a public company in a $100 million deal. Since then, Geoff has led the company to acquire four additional social apps — GROWLr for $11.8 million. Andreessen Horowitz backed Skout for $55 million, Tagged for $60 million, and LOVOO for $70 million.

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How to Heal Childhood Wounds

childhood wounds

It’s important to heal our childhood wounds to have healthy relationships. In this video, I explain the origin of our wounds and how to heal them.

Our childhood wounds carry on into our adulthood relationships unless we do the work to heal them. We are all the products of our downloaded love blueprint, which is influenced by how we experienced love by our caretakers. This includes whether we were able to receive and give love safely; whether we felt cherished for who we were, not only what we did. In this video, you’ll learn how to begin to heal from your childhood wounds.

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