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Becoming a Sexually Liberated Woman

sexually liberated woman

How do you become a sexually liberated woman? If you grew up sexually repressed in any way, this episode is for you!

Elan is a self expression and sexual empowerment coach who specializes in helping individuals embody their most confident selves in life, relationships, and business. While she works with clients to cultivate a deeper sense of safety from within, she also focuses on helping them explore their edges to uncover AND discover their true personal power.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Elan became a sexual empowerment coach
  • What is a sexually liberated woman?
  • The elements of sexual liberation
  • How to gain confidence
  • How to maintain freedom while in a relationship
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When Dating Feels Like a Chore

dating feels like a chore

What do you do when dating feels like a chore? Delete the apps? Take a break? Try these 5 tips to enjoy dating again.

What if dating feels like a chore? Is it time to take a break from dating? You’re burned out. Dating feels like work. You keep seeing the same faces online. You’ve been on multiple boring dates. In this video, I share five tips for what you can do when dating feels like another thing on your to-do list that you don’t want to do!

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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

breaking the cycle of abuse

Kimberly Blackburn’s new book tells the story of breaking the cycle of abuse in her marriage. Tune in to learn how she healed.

Author Kimberly Blackburn shares her story of breaking the cycle of abuse in her new book, Dirty Love. She is working to build a community for women to better their relationships and feel supported while talking about serious issues that are still very prominent in our society. She hopes her work will inspire other women to live a more authentic life.

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The Importance of Polarity in Relationships

polarity in relationships

Did you know that polarity in relationships is what creates passion and attraction? Listen to this episode to learn more.

Gillian Harper is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. She knows firsthand that the boundaries that divide our careers and our home life are blurred. Finally, she discovered what she was looking for: the little-known Law of Polarity that brought her life back from the brink. Gillian has made it her mission to share her insights and continue her work helping others.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is the law of Polarity?
  • Why is Polarity important in a relationship?
  • How to go deeper into your Dragon and Tiger energy
  • How you can use Polarity to bring more passion into your relationships
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A Guide to Post-Dating Friendship

post-dating friendship

Post-dating friendship – can it work? Discover when it’s okay to become friends and when it’s better to move on.

Does post-dating friendship work when there’s no romantic interest? What about after a relationship ends? Sometimes friendships can be successful after dating, but most of the time, it doesn’t work. In this video, I share when to suggest post-dating friendship and when to walk away.

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How to Prepare Your Brain for More Fun in Dating 

If you want to have more fun in dating, listen to this podcast episode with Dr. Elaine Goldhammer. Get ready to enjoy dating so much more!

Want to have more fun in dating? Elaine Goldhammer, MD, is a physician turned hypnotherapist and life coach who works with clients’ subconscious and conscious brains. Her practice helps clients get past their inner struggles to live lives with less anxiety, fear, and reactivity.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How to make dating more fun
  • The biggest lessons learned when dating after divorce
  • How to prepare your brain for more fun in dating
  • How hypnotherapy helps heal trauma and makes dating better
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If a Man Asks You to Plan the Date…

man asks you to plan the date

Ladies, if a man asks you to plan the date, what do you do? In this video, I share my thoughts on this controversial topic.

What do you do when a man asks you to plan the date? A woman wrote a post about this topic in my Facebook group, Your Last First Date, this week, and it generated a lot of differing opinions, so I thought I’d share my thoughts. Here’s what she wrote: “I met a guy on Sunday. He seems put together, stable and intelligent. It was a very nice connection. At the end of the date, he asked me whether I wanted to go out again on Saturday. I agreed, and a few days later, he asked whether I had any ideas for Saturday’s date. He’s been busy and didn’t have time to think about it nor research. I agreed to do it. However, a part of me feels that I’m entering the pattern of doing all the work. I feel that if he really liked me he would text me and make the plans. I am the anxious type and don’t want to self sabotage with negative thoughts. Am I overthinking due to my past experiences?  Has anyone had a positive experience with a guy who didn’t initially plan or have check-in texts prior to date?”

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