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6 Steps to Stop Overthinking in Life and Love


If you’ve ever been stuck in analysis paralysis, overthinking every aspect of dating and life in general, this video is for you! Learn 6 steps to STOP overthinking.

Are you a chronic worrier? Do you overanalyze everything people say or do? If you are plagued with constant rumination and second guessing, I can help. I created a video just for you. In it, I outline six steps to stop overthinking in life and love. Some of them may surprise you…

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Why Successful Women Struggle to Find Love

Successful Women

In this episode of Last First Date Radio, I had a dynamic conversation with Andre Paradis about how successful women can find love. Check it out!

I had a lively conversation with my radio guest, Andre Paradis, about why successful women struggle to find love. Andre is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, business owner, dancer, and artist who teaches singles and couples how to create and maintain successful relationships. As the founder of Project Equinox, he helps couples reduce power struggles by teaching them to understand one another, communicate effectively, and negotiate differences.

Check out highlights for episode #306: How Our Culture Gets Love Wrong, with Andre Paradis.

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Are YOU Emotionally Unavailable?

emotionally unavailable

Are you struggling to find love? You might be emotionally unavailable. Check out these 5 signs that you may not be available for a relationship right now.

Many women complain about the frustration of dating or being in a relationship with men who are emotionally unavailable. If that sounds like you, check out 10 Signs You’re Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Man.

Many times, the reason you attract an emotionally unavailable man is because you’re emotionally unavailable yourself. This can be a hard truth to swallow, but if you want to succeed at this thing called love, you need to be honest with your contribution to the issues you’re having. The good news is, once you uncover the problems, you can find solutions. That’s where I come in to connect the dots and give you a clear path to lasting love.

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7 Steps to Healing from Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma

In the era of the #metoo movement, it’s important to not only speak up, but to heal from sexual trauma. Today’s radio guest is an expert in this area. Listen to this important episode.

My radio guest, Carolin Hauser-Carson, spoke about her process for healing from sexual trauma. She is a German trained Naturopathic Doctor, Humanistic Psychotherapist, and Family Constellations Facilitator. She is the author of the books, Blossom and The Pleasure IQ.

An internationally-recognized teacher on the subjects of healing and women’s empowerment for almost two decades, Carolin combines her knowledge to help women have love-filled lives that flow with ease and amazing results. Her work is based on the intersection of where the human body and experience meets past–and even ancestral–trauma, and shows how each individual’s authentic and true self is the source of one’s own good – a place of unlimited abundance, creativity, courage, and joyful existence.

Highlights below for episode #305: What’s Next After #MeToo—7 Steps to Sexual Healing.

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10 Signs You’re Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Man


emotionally unavailable

Ever date an emotionally unavailable man? You know how heartbreaking it can be. Watch this video and learn how to stop investing any more energy in emotionally unavailable men!

How many times have you dated a man—for a month, six months, a year, a decade—only to learn he was emotionally unavailable for a relationship?
Watch this video to learn the ten signs that will help you QUICKLY identify whether he is available or not, so you can go on YOUR LAST FIRST DATE!

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4 Ways to Stay Positive While Dating

stay positive

[VIDEO] If you find it hard to stay positive while dating, you’re not alone. Here are 4 super tips on becoming a dating optimist on your journey to true love.

Is it hard for you to stay positive while dating? For many people, dating can be frustrating. You go on first dates with men who lied about their age and bore you to death with endless stories about themselves. And then, you finally see someone online with potential. Nice looking, seems pretty ‘normal’, interesting, bright, and fun. You do a little happy dance. You start a conversation on Bumble or Tinder, Match or OkCupid. You exchange a few texts or emails, and then…radio silence. Argh!

Or, you go on a first date, and you have a great time. Conversation flows. You even make out at the end of the date. You agree to see each other again. And then…poof! He disappears. Oh no!

It’s natural to want to stop dating. There are obviously no quality people to date. And you’d rather be single than settle, right? Women get cats and men go to the gym or bar seven days a week.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There really are wonderful quality people to date.

Don’t give up! The challenge is to keep on going, maintain your self-esteem, and stay positive. And if you put the following 4 tips into practice, it will help you enjoy the journey to true love. 

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Are You Cleansing Or Clogging Your Relationships?

Clogging Your Relationships

Mary Shores, author of Conscious Communications, discusses what it means to be cleansing or clogging your relationships. Check it out!

My radio guest, Mary Shores is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, generating positive and pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out. Mary blends personal experience with her extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior to guide businesses and individuals to defeat the freak out and create their ideal life.

Mary joined me to discuss her new book, Conscious Communications: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life. We dove into so many juicy topics; changing neural pathways in your brain, the importance of linking past trauma to your relationships today, and how to know if you’re cleansing or clogging your relationships and your life.

Highlights below for episode #304: Are you cleansing or clogging your relationships?

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