Personal Branding: Do you stand out from the crowd?

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stand out from the crowdOne of my services as a dating coach is writing people’s online dating profile essays. The challenge is to come up with a 200-word essay that captures the essence of a person. If any of you have dated online, you may have noticed that most essays are boring, awkward, and not specific. People cast a very wide net, hoping to catch whatever falls through. And they end up attracting many of the wrong people. They don’t stand out from the crowd.

When you’re specific about who you are and what you want, you attract that into your life.

The same holds true for personal branding in business. If you don’t brand yourself, you’ll be dispensable – just another lawyer, doctor, accountant, life coach, or wardrobe stylist.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Let’s say you studied art in school, and you want to pursue a career in graphic design. You get hired by a catalogue company, and you spend all day designing pages about car motors. Yes, you’re doing graphic design, but are you happy? Probably not, because this line of work doesn’t hold any true interest for you.

This actually happened to me. I was an art major, and had no idea how to make a living in art. So, I decided to look for a job in graphic design, something I had no training in, but I figured hey, it’s art, right? I can do this. I got hired by the art department of a photography store in NYC to design their catalogues. I HATED my job. It was the furthest thing from art and creativity I had ever done, and I soon quit that job.

After I got married, I took off time from working as a graphic designer and spent a year writing and illustrating a children’s book. I woke up excited every day, and my passion drove my work. This yielded some of the best work I had ever done. And I ended up with 3 publishers competing to publish my book!

Branding yourself begins with defining your super power, aka what you do best. I have found that you stand out from the crowd when you are most aligned with your truth. It’s a bonus if you can tap into your pain, something you’ve overcome in life. I once heard a speaker say, ‘Make your mess your message’.

When you’ve overcome adversity, you inspire others to do the same. 

My brand,, evolved over time. Yours will, too. You can begin to identify your brand by thinking of something you’ve overcome, or something you’re great at doing.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be speaking about the link between online dating and personal branding with my friend, Christie Mim. Christie is a career coach and owner of The Revolutionary Club.  I’ll be the featured speaker on her Career Happy Hour.

If you’d like to learn more about personal branding and standing out for the crowd, check it out here:

During the call, I’ll help you:

  1. Discover the ways to uncover your personal mojo so you stand out from the crowd
  2. Learn 2 ways to increase your confidence, even if you’re not feeling at the top of your game
  3. Identify the secrets to acing an interview – hint: it’s not about what you say… 

Let me know if I’ll be ‘seeing’ you on the call!






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